Commercial audio visual systems are more than just technology. They are tools that enhance communication, collaboration, and customer experience. They can transform ordinary spaces into dynamic, immersive environments.

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Commercial Audio Video San Diego

Shultz Audio Video is a leading provider of AV installation in San Diego. With a strong focus on commercial audio visual solutions, we cater to a wide range of businesses. From offices and conference rooms to restaurants and hotels, our expertise covers it all.

Commercial Audio Visual Installation

We offer a wide range of AV services. This includes consultation and design, installation, and maintenance of commercial audio visual systems.

Our team is skilled in integrating audio and video systems seamlessly. We ensure that the AV system is user-friendly and adaptable to future technology changes.

We also offer professional training for staff on using the new AV systems. This ensures that the business can fully utilize the AV technology to enhance their operations.

Consultation to Completion: How We Work

At Shultz Audio Video, we follow a systematic process for AV installation. We ensure that every step is carried out with precision and care.

Consultation Phase

The consultation phase involves understanding the client’s needs. We assess the site and the existing infrastructure. We also discuss the client’s budget and timeline.

Design Phase

In the design phase, we create a custom AV solution. We choose the right equipment and technology. We also consider factors like room acoustics, lighting, and network integration.

Installation Phase

During the installation phase, we set up the equipment and integrate the systems. We test the setup to ensure optimal performance. We also provide training to the staff on how to use the new AV system.


Some Kind Words From Our Customers

“Great Team”

“It’s a great team you guys have. Very friendly, helpful and informative. They’re all Great. Well done. Candie and Glenn must be great to work with/for. I know it stems from the top. You are worthy of it all.”


“Glenn Should Be Proud”

“Alyssa and Manny are a great asset to your organization. They are prompt, professional, courteous and friendly. Glenn should be proud.”


“Wonderful Work”

“I am pleased with your technicians and the wonderful Work that they did. Everything turned out great!”



“Quick to respond. Alyssa is amazing at her job. Her aptitude for the Job makes her quite valuable.”


“Wonderful Job”

“Your team did a wonderful job. I was very pleased with the work of Shultz AV. I am very happy with the outcome.”


You have a GREAT team!

“You have a GREAT team, smart, nice, talented and a wonderful bunch of people! They are an awesome compliment to YOU! Just thought you should know….oh right…you already do…but wanted you to know I recognize the talent you have put together. AWESOME my friend! =0).”

Nancy Diamond, Vice President
Building Industry Association of San Diego