Best Home Theater Speakers

San Diego, are you curious about how to get the best home theater speakers for your space? A question we get routinely is, where do I start. When it comes to choosing the best speakers for a home theater system or surround sound system the answer is, it really depends. In fact, there are several things you’ll need to consider. For starters, you’ll need to consider the room itself. As an example, a large, open living room with vaulted ceilings will need different gear than a smaller room with 8 foot ceilings. Because of this, you need to choose speakers that match the size of your room. So, just how do you do that?

How To Match Speakers To Your Room

There are several schools of thought on how to go about this. But to simplify things, match the speaker size to your room in square feet and ceiling height. The reason you want to do this, if you choose speakers that are too small it will be underwhelming. On the other hand, choose speakers that are too big and it will overwhelm the space. Both of these scenarios are things you don’t want.

Aside from this, you’ll want to consider the layout and shape of your room. And, where the speakers look and sound the best. Our article on designing a surround sound system has detailed information on speaker placement. With all of this in mind, we offer some insight on the best home theater speakers available today.

Movie Theater-Quality Audio

Best Home Theater Speakers

Triad audio solutions are perfect for any surround sound or home theater. In fact, these speakers are an immediate upgrade to any system. Available in in-wall, in-ceiling, in-room, or on-wall versions, here are a few things to think about as you select the best home theater speakers.

MiniBronzeSilverGoldPlatinumCinema Reference
For small family roomsFor mid-sized family rooms & home theatersFor media rooms & dedicated home theatersFor larger home theatersFor the ultimate home theater experienceFor professional screening rooms

Terms Defined:

  • Subwoofer: is a loudspeaker responsive only to the lowest acoustic frequencies. In the words of Meghan Trainor, a subwoofer is all about that bass! And you cannot produce surround sound without it!
  • Center Channel Speakers: the most important speakers in that most of the action, and conversation, happens front and center on your screen, meaning that the center channel is the one reproducing it.
  • Surround Speakers: provide ambient noises, which adds a third dimension to your movie-watching experience.
  • Dolby Atmos: expands on existing surround sound systems by adding height channels, allowing sounds to be interpreted as three-dimensional objects.

San Diego Home Theater Installation

No matter what type home theater system you desire, Shultz Audio Video can provide the assistance you need to create an entertainment experience like no other. The key to a successful home theater project is working with the right company. Retrofitting older homes can be done, wires can be routed through your attic or walls and when necessary they can be run along the exterior of a home. Retrofit installations require thinking outside of the box. The type of thinking that sees beyond the missing wire and the low vaulted ceilings in your attic.

So, when you are ready add a home theater or surround sound system, look to Shultz Audio Video for the best solutions. Our products and installation services are backed by our guarantee, to provide the very best products and services in San Diego. Our team is well versed in what it takes to re-create the movie theater experience. Contact us by clicking the button below to fill out the contact for. Or, call us at (760) 505-7461.