Project Description

Residential Audio Visual Client Case Study Akef

Current Situation (Problem)

Residential audio visual client case study in Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego, CA. The home had outdated wiring that needed to be updated. The whole house entertainment was being provided through audio and visual equipment that was also outdated. As a result of the dated equipment, our client was not utilizing all of the resources available for home entertainment. The system was too complicated since there was no way to control it from one place. And, because the wiring was outdated, they lacked Wi-Fi signal strength for their home network. They also had no way to add video surveillance since no wiring extended to the outdoors to install security cameras.

Technical Issues

During our initial Site Survey, we discovered the many remote controls needed to operate the current system. We also discovered the complexity of using the existing Audio Visual Receiver was a source of frustration for our client. With a few zones in the residence where music could be broadcast, there was not a zone outdoors. They also had no way to control their lighting or entertainment, which the client wanted to use with minimal technical know how to program and turn on and off.

Solution: Solving The Audio Challenges

To resolve these conferencing issues, the BIA brought Shultz Audio Video in. After seeing the room and understanding the issues, we recommended Yamaha’s ADECIA Ceiling Microphone and Line Array Speaker Solution. The results? The ADECIA system completely changed the whole dynamic. Now, everyone can hear the person who is speaking on both ends (those joining in-person and those joining remotely).

The solution included one RM-CG ceiling microphone, one RM-CR signal processor, one network switch, two line array speakers, and two RM-TT tabletop microphones. To amplify all voices, one ceiling microphone was enough. Two line array speakers provide ample, equally-distributed sound across the long conference space.

As a result, the sound is not too loud in the front, nor too quiet in the back. Lastly, the two RM-TT tabletop microphones serve as stylish, easy-to-reach mute buttons. Because meetings can sometimes involve side conversations and private comments in the room, they’re a convenient and practical solution.


We ran new wires throughout the home and updated routers and switches to increase the strength the signal. For the audio system, we added wire for whole home music and new speakers. We also relocated all of their equipment to a closet for a cleaner look.

Next, we adding wiring outside for music and then added landscape speakers. For lighting and control, we added a Control4 system for media control and Control4 light switches for automated lighting. After that, we hid speakers under the eaves for a nice custom look. Finally, we added surveillance cameras on the perimeter for better security.


As a result, the client was able to eliminate having to use multiple remote controls to operate their system. Whether for watching TV, streaming music, changing the level of lighting, or entertaining guests all over the property. Now, they can control everything from one remote. Frustration with not knowing how to use their system has been eliminated. Strength of the client’s home Wi-Fi network is now so strong, they no longer have weak Wi-Fi or “dead spots” in or around their home. In addition to all of this, they now have better security.