Restaurant Sound System Design

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Restaurant sound system design can be an overwhelming task if you don’t know what you are doing. But, if the ideal experience for your restaurant involves sound, then you need a commercial audio system. Whether you want to set the mood on the patio, or encourage people to stay longer, sound can have a powerful impact on the success of your restaurant business. However, it can also become more of a nuisance and distraction if not done right. For this reason, we offer a guide on things to consider when designing a restaurant sound system.

The Essential Elements

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While good food, drinks and location are important factors that bring people to a restaurant. Ultimately, it is the overall experience they will remember. For most restaurants, music is an integral part of the ambiance. In fact, it can have a such a profound impact on your customers, they’ll stay longer and keep coming back.

From the second your customers walk through the front door, sound sets the tone for your establishment. So, what you don’t want to do is get that wrong! The point is, the choice of music and volume levels can make or break the guest’s dining experience. To ensure this does not happen, focus on these three things.

Three Things to Focus On:

  • Content
  • Coverage
  • Control

Restaurant Sound System Design


Most restaurant owners put a lot of thought into their menu, wine list and service. But most of the time, they put very little thought into the music they play and the speakers that play it. There are several reasons why a restaurant owner wants to play music. Whether it is to create ambiance or atmosphere, influence menu choice or make people eat faster (to increase table turnover), it really boils down to the goals of the establishment. That said, here are some facts to keep in mind:

  • The right music can increase your sales
  • The wrong music can decrease your sales
According to the industry blog, playing the wrong or inappropriate music at your brand can reduce overall sales by 4%. And, restaurants that play a carefully selected mix of music reflecting its culture can increase sales by more than 9.1%, according to another study. The point is, play music with a goal in mind.

Restaurant Sound System Design


The first thing you want to do is decide if you want to play the same music throughout your entire restaurant. Or have different music playing in different areas. These areas are known as zones. For example, one zone might be your bar. And, another zone might be your bathrooms. Remember your job is to create an experience so think this through before you decide to play the same music everywhere.

A few more things to think about when it comes to your restaurant sound system:

  • Having more zones will require more equipment
  • Zones allow you to choose different audio sources and volumes for different areas

Restaurant Sound System Design


Last but not least, you’ll need a way to control your music. Especially if you have multiple zones. Aside from this, the right control system can let you do other things like control your lighting and climate to save energy. It’s about making your restaurant business more efficient. To do this, consider adding a Control4 system.

Restaurant Sound System Design and Installation

No two restaurants should have the same exact commercial audio system. For example, the owner of a fast-casual restaurant and the owner of a gourmet restaurant have very different goals in mind for the type of experience they want to provide. While both situations call for music, it will sound very different.

The good news is, these are things you’ll never have to figure out alone. Leave the heavy lifting to us! All you have to do, is tell us your needs, goals and desires… and, we’ll do the rest. We design sound systems that are ideal for a wide range of commercial applications such as restaurants, auditoriums, sports bars, churches, fitness centershuddle rooms, boardrooms, conference rooms, PA systems more. Call us today at (760) 505-7461 for a consultation! Or fill out the contact form below.

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