Types of Restaurant Speakers

Whether you own one restaurant or many, installing the right speakers can help you set the right ambiance and mood. So, capturing them as they walk in can be truly magic since music is the first thing people notice. What you don’t want to do is install speakers that don’t fit your space. That’s because it can end up creating noise. For example, the music is too loud for a comfortable conversation. In other words, your restaurant will be known as a noisy place. So, to make sure this never happens, we offer some insight on the different types of restaurant speakers.

Types of Restaurant Speakers Pendant Speaker

Commercial Pendant Speakers

The layout of the restaurant plays an important role in the design of an audio system. So, if the restaurant has pendant lights, you should install the same style speakers. Commercial pendant speakers are perfect for background music and paging applications. They are ideal for spaces with tall, open ceilings and get sound down where you need it.

Types of Restaurant Speakers

In-Ceiling Speakers

In-ceiling speakers also known as architectural speakers provide a full-range of sound for background music and paging applications. Installed directly into the ceiling, these products provide exceptional sound clarity and depth. And, they won’t take up any unnecessary space. 

Types of Restaurant Speakers

Surface Mount Speakers

Commercial surface mount speakers are perfect for foreground and background music, paging, and general-purpose audio in restaurants. Make your restaurant’s outdoor space come to life with, surface mount speakers. Built to withstand the environmental demands of the outdoors, they will produce even sound distribution for a better listening experience.

Restaurant Sound System Design and Installation

Details are important when it comes to creating the right ambiance in your restaurant. Although the food and drinks bring people in, it’s the overall experience keeps them coming back. Elevate the experience at your restaurant with a professionally designed and installed audiovisual system from Shultz Audio Video. Because when it comes to audio visual systems for restaurants, we’re ready to serve.

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