Video Walls

A bunch of people watch sports on a Video Wall

Video walls help create powerful viewing experiences for any sports bar or restaurant. A TV wall (video wall) is a special multi-monitor setup that consists of multiple displays, tiled together closely to form one large screen. A sports bar video walls can bring the wow factor you need to drive excitement at your bar and grill. And, the truth is, if you want to stay relevant , a video wall is something you should consider. In fact, as a sports bar owner you should be offering an impactful audiovisual experience for your guests. That’s because it will enable you to stand out from the competition.

By focusing on streamlining and modernizing your venue’s video sources through the installation of video walls, you can increase foot traffic and even sell out during popular sporting events. For those looking to create the ultimate viewing experience, adding a video wall will ensure your place is the place to go for big games and events. With this in mind, we offer some insight on cost effective video wall solutions for your sports bar or restaurant.

Video Walls

Ultra HD Video Wall Solutions

In the modern world, people want entertainment no matter what bar or restaurant they go to. As a bar or restaurant owner, you must do more then just serve great food and drinks, you must also offer a great experience. This involves TVs at every angle, with sporting events of every variety distributed throughout the space. It is simple mathematics. Distribute any number of games to every TV, and you have the perfect way to provide high quality entertainment for guests, fostering an engaging atmosphere. And, who doesn’t want that!

As a result, you sell more food, more drinks, and promote loyalty for your establishment. In the modern world, people want entertainment wherever they go. For this reason, it is imperative to transform your venue into the place to go for the next big game or event by creating the ultimate viewing experience.

Play Ultra HD video from a variety of sources on multiple flat screen TVs inside or out, and have the ability to control everything from one simple interface.

Affordable Video Wall Solutions

Ultra Affordable Video Wall Solutions for Bars & Restaurants

Make your Bar & Restaurant the place-to-go by delivering brilliant, uncompressed video signals to your displays without the clutter of a cable box at each television. Control audio, video, lighting and more while automating your staff’s daily routines with Compass Control. Need to control and view a wide range of video displays during sporting events throughout a bar? Key Digital’s powerful HDMI matrix switchers and HDMI Extenders give you that ability. With the power of Compass Control®, the ability to view the hottest game on any desired display is a reality.

Video Wall System Design Example

Key Digital

Key Digital and Compass Control® will transform any bar and restaurant into the place to go for the big game or event creating the ultimate fan experience. With a Key Digital® Matrix Switcher, you can put any video source on any display. You’ll have full control of multiple sources/zones or rooms. Additionally, HVAC and Security systems can be easily integrated to deliver cost-efficient whole Bar/Restaurant solution. With a completely customizable user interface, Compass Control® can be visually customized to compliment your brand. With a simple touch of a button, the lighting and shades can be set for lunch or dinner services, projectors or displays are now under full control without having to grab the remotes for each display, and audio is fully controlled from iOS.

Exceptional entertainment is central to every sports bar; maximum comfort is the key to a restaurants success…

Commercial AV System Installation Contractor

Commercial AV systems shouldn’t be an afterthought. From start to finish, we build commercial AV systems tailored specifically to every sports bar or restaurant. This helps us deliver exceptional sound and captivating visual experiences. What sets us apart from the competition is our ability to provide immersive experiences to transform any sports bar or restaurant into one that captivates their guests. Shultz Audio Video has video distribution systems that are both cost effective and innovative.

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