Coastal Source Speakers

San Diego, want to take your outdoor living space to the next level? Then you need Coastal Source Speakers! Their outdoor speakers are designed to provide powerful, clear audio that covers the entire backyard without distortion. For anyone that loves music, they have a range of outdoor speakers, that will elevate your listening experience. That’s why we became a dealer! Whether you need a high-performance outdoor audio system with wireless music streaming, or a fully integrated system (that brings your indoor music outdoors), you’ll be thrilled with the sound quality these outdoor speakers deliver. Poolside, or under the stars, Coastal Source Speakers will upgrade your entire backyard.

Coastal Source Outdoor Speakers

What makes Coastal Source outdoor sound systems unique, is the way they capitalize on the acoustic advantages of outdoor environments. Big on performance, Coastal Source speakers are designed to deliver the finest sound quality while blending in with the surrounding landscape. They’re an attractive addition to your outdoor space, either partially buried for a low-profile minimalistic look or free-standing on a patio, pool deck, or terrace.

Coastal Source Outdoor Bollard Speakers

Coastal Source Speakers

Whatever size your outdoor living space is, with these outdoor speakers you hear music as the artist intended. Coastal Source Bollards offer superior performance, reliability, and next level, high-performance sound quality in a simple and clean style that blends well with all outdoor environments.

8.0 Mimi Ellipse Bollard:

The 8.0 Mini Ellipse Bollard is a 2-Way Speaker in/above ground with a 6.5” woofer and 1” pivoting titanium tweeter. Its sleek design can be easily hidden within a landscape yet looks great when installed out in the open.

10.0 Ellipse Bollard:

The 10.0 Ellipse Bollard is a 2-Way above ground full range Speaker with a 6.5” woofer and 1” pivoting titanium tweeter. Its sleek design can makes it blend within the landscape.

10.3 Ellipse Bollard:

The 10.0 3-Way Ellipse Bollard is a 3-Way In/ Above Ground Full Range Speaker with an 8” Subwoofer.

12.0 Line Source Bollard:

The Line Source speakers takes full advantage of line array technology for high SPL & fidelity over long throw distances. Form follows function in this beautiful design, resulting in an enhanced line array performance that leaves you speechless.

Modulus 4.5” Bullet Speaker:

Coastal Source Modulus 4.5” Bullet Speaker

The Modulus 4.5” Bullet Speaker w/Passive Radiator is a directional speaker with a rear firing passive radiator for enhanced bass and ambient sound field.


Razor is the first line of outdoor wall and hardscape speakers built with true HiFi performance in mind. Designed to provide superior performance in a slim and beautiful form factor, these modular speakers bring the sound Coastal Source has become known for to the patio.

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Ready to transform your outdoor living space with entertainment that will elevate your space? We will customize your outdoor sound system based on the design and layout of your property. Want to hear what a Coastal Source Outdoor Audio System sounds like in your own backyard? Schedule an in-person consultation and let’s get started on making your vision come to life. To book a live demo call us at (760) 505-7461 or use the button below to fill out a contact form.