Universal Remote Control

Universal Remote Control

Replace every remote in your home, for a single solution. Enjoy having the power to control your entire entertainment area.

Take your home to the next level with universal remote control programming!

Control4 Universal Remote Control
RTI Universal Remote Control
Universal Remote Control

Reduce Clutter

Control Everything

Use One Remote


Universal Remote Control

Take your home to the next level with universal remote control programming from Shultz Audio Video!

Are you ready to give up the stack of remotes for a single solution?

The Neeo Remote

It's A Simple Idea

One Remote to Control All of Your Home Technology

Too many remotes? It happens. Each component has its own remote. Or, even its own app. And, that adds up to clutter and inconvenience. You go to watch a show from your AppleTV but cannot find the remote. Or, someone is at the front door but you can't turn down your sound system because you have no idea where you left that remote. We understand your frustration! That's why we offer a way for you to eliminate the need for multiple remotes.

One Remote For Everything

Like many, you may have several remotes laying around which can make your TV-viewing experience difficult. The remote for the TV cannot operate your Blu-ray player and you need a different one for your cable box or satellite TV. And, to change the volume of your sound system, you need yet another remote. Sometimes there are so many remotes, it’s hard to figure out which one to use for each device. But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Your days of fumbling with complicated tech and multiple remotes are about to be over!

We offer, smart, reliable and easy to use universal remote control solutions guaranteed to make life easier. From simple to complex system operations, our universal remote control solutions can control one room or your entire home.

One Room

Clutter on the coffee table, not knowing which remote to use? Sounds familiar? Let us create the ultimate family room entertainment experience with a single remote to control your entire entertainment system. One remote replaces the remotes for your TV, Blu-ray, streaming devices like Apple TV, sound bar, game consoles, media center and more.

Whole Home

Control your audio/video equipment, along with lights, music, climate and more. Enjoy fast access to and control of the smart home experiences and devices you use most, such as your favorite TV and music stations, streaming services, playlists, lighting scenes, door locks, and more. 

Movie Time

We integrate more than just your media. Press “movie time” to dim the lights and lower the shades as your TV and surround sound system turns on. All you need is the popcorn.

Control Everything

Listen to your favorite music all over the house, watch movies, and dim lights — all from the comfort of your couch. With a Universal Remote Solution from Shultz Audio Video, you can control your entertainment and access any TV from any room or queue up your favorite streaming music service to begin playing throughout your home from a remote or app.

Universal Remote Control

One Room or Whole Home Solutions