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Commercial WiFi Installation

Shultz Audio Video provides commercial WiFi installation to businesses throughout the San Diego County. A fast reliable WiFi connection can help your business remain productive. This is especially true for businesses that hold a lot of virtual meetings. In fact, the average business needs at least 100 Mbps of download speed and 100 Mbps of upload speed just to conduct everyday tasks like sending emails.

But when you start to add more users, video conferencing and frequent cloud use in the mix, that number almost doubles. Whether you’re running a restaurant, sports bar, an office or managing a condo complex, there’s no doubt that having the right wireless network set up is important. In fact, an up-to-date WiFi network can reduce operational costs and increase productivity. However, proper configuration requires preparation and professional grade equipment.

At Shultz Audio Video, we understand that a reliable business network is important for your success. That’s why we provide every client with a custom designed commercial WiFi installation that can handle their daily network needs. Let us create a communication infrastructure that will optimize your business operations.

WiFi Installation Services

Commercial WiFi Installation

Our Installation Services Include:

Your boardrooms, conference rooms, huddle rooms and offices all rely on a reliable WiFi network. For this reason, we use advanced cabling and equipment to optimize WiFi speed and network reliability. Whether this involves using a more powerful router, advanced network wiring or WiFi technology, we will install the right technology to ensure you enjoy the fastest speeds and reliable connection.

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