Building for the Automated Life


Smart Home System Solutions for Builders

Automated homes are among the top amenities that consumers expect in modern homes today. Our solutions are designed to make homes more comfortable, more energy efficient and more secure complementing your home designs with personalized features and experiences that transform a dream home into a dream way of living. Homeowners can start with one room or solution, with plans to add more over time. Or they can choose to have a full featured, whole-home automation system right from the start.

Every project is a unique opportunity to make your client’s dreams a reality. Set yourself apart and appeal to a more informed, tech-savvy homebuyer by integrating home automation technology into your projects. We offer truly personalized and flexible automation solutions to meet every budget.

Designing For the Automated Life


We believe in the beauty of all environments. We believe in creating an atmosphere that best supports the family who dwells there. We believe in breathing life into creativity with smart home technology. And we do it well. Set yourself apart by constructing homes that include the automation technology that today’s savvy homeowner expects.


The Art of Smart Control

Delight your clients with a home that dramatically simplifies life where virtually every device and system in the home can be fully automated and even controlled remotely. Control the home theater, dim the lights, lock the doors, turn up the heat and arm the alarm all from one easy-to-use interface.

A homeowner can start the day waking to a favorite playlist shades gently rising to let the sun in, temperature setting to the perfect level. End of day? From the moment they enter their personalized code on their smart lock, pathway lighting illuminates to 60%, the thermostat adjusts to a desirable state, and a favorite playlist begins streaming in the most frequented areas of the home. These are the experiences we create each and every day.

Designing For the Automated Life
They took care to make everything easy to understand and operate. Customer service like this is rare and my favorite part is that they ALWAYS answer the phone!
Rachel F., Escondido
These guys are the best! True pro’s that work within your budget, install quickly, clean up after them and don’t disappear when you have questions or need help after the job is done. It is great to see excellent customer service is alive and well!
Frank F., San Marcos
banks of light switches. Replacing multiple switches and dimmers with one beautiful keypad means never having to disrupt the aesthetics of the home.

Smart Lighting

Replacing multiple switches and dimmers with one beautiful keypad means never having to disrupt the aesthetics of the home.

All equipment vanishes into a media cabinet or closet. What’s left is a thing of beauty. A single TV and a remote.

All Equipment Vanishes

All equipment vanishes into a media cabinet or closet. What’s left is a thing of beauty. A single TV and a remote.

Speakers will blend seamlessly into the background with only the sound telling you that they even exist.

Speakers That Blend

Speakers will blend seamlessly into the background with only the sound telling you that they even exist.

With a full-time staff that is qualified to handle and manage any project to fit your needs, we can help you add a little touch of magic to every environment. 

We take time to understand your client’s needs and ensure that each system is simple, intuitive and personalized. Moreover, we understand the importance of completing work according to schedule, communicating changes as they occur throughout the project, and respecting the relationship you have with your client.

Smart Home Solutions for Builders
Smart Home Solutions for Builders