Packages: Structured Wire, Panel, Enclosure, Boxes, & Wire Management

Structured wiring is a system of cables, wires, and other physical infrastructure that provides reliable, high-speed connections for voice, data, video communications, and home automation. It includes all of the low voltage wiring, data wiring, and control wiring used in a home or business.

One of the biggest benefits of a structured wiring system, is that it takes the burden off your Wi-Fi network allowing you to hardwire what you can leaving the bandwidth for other smart devices that do not have an ethernet port. When you need a faster internet connection, a wired network is the answer. Unlike a wireless network a wired network (see wired vs wireless) is not impacted by interference from other devices.

From wiring to data cabling and fiber optics to cable management, we can provide you with a data center designed for maximum connectivity.

Structured Wiring


Structured wiring and cabling is the backbone of your network.


Prewiring + Retrofitting

Properly prewiring your home or office while it’s being built is one of the best ways to allow for future upgrades and installations. Simply put, prewiring makes your technology work behind the scenes. The correct wiring can eliminate the need to have equipment all over your home and going back after the fact to rip into walls and ceilings for future installations.

Low Voltage Wiring Connected Devices

Low Voltage Wiring

Linked throughout a home by structured wiring systems, connected homes integrate home automation, security systems, thermostats, lighting, doorbells, audio systems and more to provide convenient control over the home’s environment.

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