Customer Care

At Shultz Audio Video, we know the investment you made in your equipment and technology is important.

Customer Care: SAVCare Performance Plans

The day we complete your installation is the day we start the next phase of our relationship. That is when SAVCare begins, our remote and on-site support for your system. With SAVCare, it’s our responsibility to make sure all of your equipment and systems that make up your technology solution operates not only today, but also in the future.

At Shultz Audio Video, we treat your home as a respite from the outside world. Which is why our plans are designed to take care of everything. From system integrations, programming, software and networks to connectivity to your internet service. We also diagnose, troubleshoot, monitor, update and maintain your systems so you never have to worry. In addition to this, we also schedule periodic wellness visits to, calibrate, update and run performance checks on your equipment and systems.

Custom Home Control, Multi Room Audio, and Home Theater Install

Why SAVCare?

There are times when you may experience limited or no connectivity to the Internet or your cable. Rather than trying to get a hold of your ISP or cable company, we can diagnose the issue. Whether it is simply an outage (in which case you’ll need to wait) or something in your network that needs to be rebooted, you’ll be informed every step of the way. We can reset your system and even update your lighting and shade scene presets remotely to ensure you never have to worry again.


SAVCare Performance Plans

Proactive remote system monitoringYour system notifies us of issues, often before you knowXXX
Device monitoring and health reportComprehensive monitoring of all IP enabled devicesXXX
Extended remote service hoursRemote service beyond our regular business hours

24/7/365 phone, text or email

24/7/365 phone, text or email24/7/365 phone, text or email24/7/365 phone, text or email
Extended on-site service hoursOn-site service beyond our regular business hours

Mon-Sat, 8a-8p*

Mon-Fri, 8a-6p*

Mon-Fri, 9a-5p*

Mon-Fri, 9a-4p*

Priority schedulingHow fast we respond to an on-site service request

Same-day or Next-day

2 business days3 business daysScheduled
Response timeHow fast we respond to a system or call-in notificationLess than 1-hourLess than 1-hourLess than 1-hourLess than 1-hour
Complimentary site visits for service or supportSite visits for service or support at no added chargeIncluded1-hour per month included
Complimentary equipment repair serviceIncludes hardware testing, removal, repair and reinstallationUp to 3-years from new
On-site system checkupOur techs clean, test and update your system on-siteTwo visits per yearOne visit per year
Elite member product promotionsSpecial pricing on select products that match your systemX
Lighting and shade scene reprogrammingWe’ll update your lighting and shade scene presetsXX
Remote system accessControl and lighting system access from your mobile phoneXXXX
Password managementOff-site backup of all system passwordsXXXX
Recorded surveillance video footage retrievalAssistance with finding archived security camera recordingsXX
Power management for surge/brownoutsWe monitor and reset your system due to electrical issuesXXX
Network configuration managementRemote management of your network componentsXXX
Annual WiFi network scanOn-site review of network speed and coverageXXX
Internet and CableTV troubleshootingMonitoring and assistance with ISP issuesXXXX
Parental controlsWe give you an app so you can turn-off WiFi accessXXXX
TransferableYou can transfer your plan to a new homeownerXXXX