Custom TV Mounting & Installation San Diego

Do you need a custom TV installation service to mount your TV? Maybe you need an outdoor TV installed or have limited space. We specialize in custom TV mounting and installation services. So, whether you want to mount it on uneven stone, over a fireplace, in your home theaterbackyard or anywhere else, we have a solution that is ideal for you.

Get rid of cables and wires sticking out of your wall. Achieve a sleek, modern look anywhere in your home. With our professional TV mounting services, you’ll reduce clutter and save space. Whether it is above the fireplace or level with the wall we have the right solutions and viewing angles for every room.

Custom TV Mounting

Custom TV Mounting Services

The center piece of a many living spaces is a fireplace. But there are many variables to consider if you want to install a TV right above the fireplace. For example, if you install one too high, it can make your neck sore and strain your eyes. In addition to this, if the fireplace is used regularly, the heat could damage the screen. Aside from this, there are also times when your wall space is limited. This is where custom TV mounting services come in.

Our experienced and trusted TV wall mounting installers can mount your TV on any wall. We can also work with all types of TV screens and materials.

  • Any size TV: from 65” – 100” and which requires additional skills most companies do not have
  • Any type of mounting bracket: full motion, articulating TV mounts, motorized TV mount, flip-down TV mount, and mantel mounts
  • Any kind of wall or material: veneer stone, uneven stone, sheetrock, concrete, wood etc.
  • Mounted Anywhere: over the fireplace, above the fireplace, from the ceiling, or anywhere else you can think of.

TV Installation

Custom TV installation can be a great investment for those with limited wall space, or other custom needs.

San Diego TV Installation

When you hire Shultz Audio Video for your custom TV installation, we’ll advise you on everything from choosing the right place to mount your TV. To the hardware it’s mounted on. Whether it’s an articulating TV mount, a low profile mount, a swivel and tilt mount, or a motorized TV mount that is suspended from the ceiling. No matter the size or type of your TV, and the room where you wish to install it, we’ll create a solution to fulfill your needs and budget.

Need to a custom installation?

Have limited space or need to mount it your AV system? No problem! We can install your TV anywhere.

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