Landscape Speakers

The Triad Garden Array

Landscape Speakers

Triad Garden Array Speakers

From Control4 to your backyard, Triad landscape speakers will bring rich beautiful sound to any outdoor living space. On your porch, patio, near the spa, pool, or deck, Triad Garden Array Speakers are a perfect combination of sound, style, and durability. With incredible sound that will surround your outdoor space with beautiful audio that makes you want to sing, the Triad Garden Array is a premium all-weather landscape speaker brought to you by Control4.

Both scalable and flexible, these landscape speakers are designed to deliver just the right amount of sound to every corner of your outdoor living space. You can even get your grove on from your living room to your backyard by adding a Triad One. A small but powerful device that allows you to add an extra audio zone to your backyard without the need to pull wire back to a central location.

So, go ahead and dance like nobody’s watching, sing like no one is listening, and get your groove on from your living room to your backyard with landscape speakers, Control4, and Triad One. Expand your musical horizons with a Triad landscape speaker system on your patio, pool deck, or spa. Because the soundtrack to your life should not be confined indoors!

Landscape Speakers


For those who demand the very best in audio performance, Triad delivers…

Why is Broad Dispersion So Important?

Typically, we think of speakers as a device that delivers sound. What we don’t consider is that speakers actually deliver sound in every direction. A speaker that delivers sound in every direction is a good speaker and can be thought of as having broad dispersion. On the on hand, when a speaker’s sound projection pattern is narrow (narrow dispersion), it is considered bad. To make things simple, think about what a bullhorn sounds like and compare that to speakers you hear in a theater. A bullhorn is a sharp narrow beamy sound that is not pleasant to the ears. Additionally, a bullhorn is also very directional in that the sound has an extremely narrow sound field that literally beams itself at you. If you are not within the narrow sound, field chances are you won’t hear it as loud as someone who is. And, while that is actually a good thing since bullhorns aren’t exactly what anyone would use to listen to their music, a speaker with narrow dispersion is not good. On the flip side, broad dispersion is considered good. Speakers with beaming issues may sound great in one area but horrible everywhere else. Why are we pointing this out? Broad dispersion speakers are built with robust high-frequency drivers and lower crossover points. As a result, they do not suffer from beaming problems. Instead, they disperse sound uniformly and widely. Triad® Garden Array outdoor speakers not only have broad dispersion, they actually have ultra broad dispersion. Which is a VERY GOOD THING!

Triad GA4 Satellite Speaker

The Triad GA4 Satellite speaker is built around a unique, Ultra-Broad Dispersion (UBD) driver that provides superior sound coverage using fewer speakers.

Triad® Garden Array

Outdoor Speaker System

The Triad Garden Array is a family of premium, all-weather landscape speakers that are the perfect combination of elegance, sound, and durability. This family includes the unique GA4 Satellite and powerful GA10 Subwoofer speakers, and are designed to be placed throughout flowerbeds or around the backyard. The end result, outdoor spaces are filled evenly with rich, beautiful audio. Triad Garden Array speakers are completely scalable for every outdoor listening experience, from pool decks and patios to large outdoor living spaces.

The Triad GA4 Satellite speaker is built around a unique, Ultra-Broad Dispersion (UBD) driver that provides superior sound coverage using fewer speakers. GA4 Sats deliver a 150-degree listening area that is over 50% wider than traditional landscape speakers, allowing for broader speaker placement without compromising sound quality.

The GA10 Subwoofer has two types of designs. One can be placed above ground, and is designed to be installed underground. No matter which type you use both deliver bass exactly where you want it. On the patio or deck, or buried near a pool, gazebo, or pergola, this outdoor speaker system is designed to deliver great sound in every outdoor living space, large or small it does not matter.

The Triad Garden Array

Triad One

A great option for those looking to stream high-resolution audio from their living room to their backyard…



Music In Any Room

Simply connect power, a network, and a pair of Triad Speakers to deliver music in any room or your home.



Additional Audio Zone

Triad One is a great way to add an audio zone to any home. The compact, stylish design allows it to blend in on a desk or beside bookshelf speakers.



TV Audio Elevated

Triad One is equipped with two IR outputs and audio inputs to connect to and control your TV and your AV sources. With 100 watts per channel and a subwoofer output, it is the perfect TV accessory along with a Triad soundbar and subwoofer.

Why Use Shultz Audio Video

Outdoor entertainment systems shouldn’t be an afterthought. From start to finish, we build outdoor entertainment systems tailored specifically to every outdoor space and each client’s unique needs. This helps us deliver exceptional sound throughout any outdoor living space. Outdoor spaces come in all shapes and sizes, so we encompass a range of design and installation techniques that allow us to build any system imaginable. What sets us apart from the competition is our ability to provide impeccable sound and even coverage transforming any outdoor living space into a space meant for entertaining! Call us today to schedule an outdoor audio demo (760) 505-7461.