Lutron Commercial Lighting

Audio, Video, and Lighting for House of Worship

Lutron commercial lighting solutions are available for businesses of all sizes in San Diego. The commercial lighting solutions Lutron provides will make your building work harder for you by adding intelligent, energy-efficient lighting control. Many buildings today are over-lit because lighting levels are set higher than appropriate for the space, and/or spaces are lit even when they are unoccupied. As a result, productivity decreases, discomfort increases, and energy is wasted at an exponential rate.

Lighting accounts for 39% of the annual electricity use for most office buildings, and that portion grows in specialized settings such as hotels (55%) and healthcare facilities (43%). These figures suggest that electricity is a major cost for many businesses, and for those who have not considered an energy-efficient solution, the cost of electricity could actually impede business growth. The best and most simple way to save energy is to use dimmers and other devices that manage daylight and electrical light, a concept which is known as lighting control.

Energy savings and eco-friendly technologies help reduce energy consumption and enrich lives by providing comfortable, productive environments for everyone. From hotels and restaurants, to hospitals and house of worships, a commercial lighting solution can help you not only save money by reduce energy consumption, but more importantly it reduces the impact your business makes on our environment.

As energy costs rise, creating an energy-efficient workplace should be the top priority for every business…

House of Worship

Commercial Lighting Control Solutions

A house of worship presents a unique challenge for lighting control. Whether it is a church or synagogue, mosque or cathedral, these spaces all come with their own intentions and expectations. These reverent spaces need lighting that can change according to the type of service, either somber or joyous, a house of worship with an integrated audio, video, and lighting control system has the tools necessary to make an impact in the lives of many.

A house of worship can be are used for a variety of purposes, at different times of the day, and each with specific requirements. An integrated audio, video, and lighting control system can be used to showcase or highlight architectural features, direct attention to speakers, musicians, cantors, and clergy, to punctuate a critical moment during a service. An integrated control solution help deliver the smooth transitions required during services, conserve energy, and most importantly set the mood ensuring every service is powerful, breathtaking, and emotionally inspirational.

A house of worship is a sanctuary, not a structure, and thus, in order to engage, touch, and move the individuals at every service, you must ensure every little detail is met with the right sounds, visual effects, and lighting effects. Without it, no matter how beautifully structured your service is, it will not make a difference if it is unintelligible from one end of the room to the other. Investing in the right A/V/L technology shows how deep your commitment is to others.

Annual Projected Savings with a Lutron Lighting System is 60%

NOTE: energy savings will vary with usage.


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Whether you’re building a new house of worship or enhancing an existing one, a commercial lighting control solution by Lutron offers you the convenience of either wired or wireless one-touch control. If your goal is to conserve energy, set moods, guarantee the function of your space, or implement an integrated audio, video, and lighting control solutoins, enlisting the services of a company who understands integrated A/V/L solutions for a house of worship is a wise and important investment.

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