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Outdoor Theater Design, San Diego

Outdoor theater design is beginning to catch on for many homeowners in San Diego. With San Diego’s year-round summerlike weather, many homeowners are building outdoor living spaces that merge practicality and entertainment. Spending time outdoors is one of the many perks our beautiful city has to offer. Whether that means relaxing outside in a custom built cabana, or soaking up some sun at your pool, adding an entertainment system to your backyard will enhance everything. If you are like most, you know there is a certain peace that comes from being outside, so why not bring your entertainment outdoors with weather resistant audio and video technology.

Imagine this, it is a warm summer night, and tonight is the night you are going to host your friends for movie night. Moms, dads, and kids are on their way, but there are too many people coming over to watch a movie inside, but that’s okay you have it covered. As your friends start to arrive, you walk them outside, and hit the outdoor movie time button on your smartphone. Just as everyone starts to settle, your screen reveals itself, your surround sound kicks on, and just like that, movie time is on!

Outdoor cinematic entertainment is a possibility for anyone. From music playing softly in the background, to powerful surround sound playing from speakers that are invisible, with today’s technology, elements like TVs, screens, and speakers can live outdoors year round. So if you want your home to be the place where the crowds gather, by adding the right outdoor entertainment system, you will be well on your way to being the talk of the town.

Outdoor Entertainment

With an outdoor entertainment system you can bring your HD and hi-fi out into the world, to enjoy with your family and friends under the stars or the sun. Entertaining guests? When it is time to move the party outside what are your options? Making a seamless connection from the indoors to the outdoors can only be achieved one way, with the right outdoor entertainment system your home will be the life of the party! Whether you are looking to create some ambiance with background music or looking host movie nights in your backyard, an outdoor entertainment system will get you there.

Stealth Patio Theater

The Future of Outdoor Entertainment

The Stealth Patio Theater™ (SPT) is a complete outdoor cinematic entertainment solution that combines a motorized, mega-large format, ultra-bright, 16:9, hi-resolution LED screen with Stealth Acoustics’ award-winning speaker and amplifier technologies. Together they create an immersive outdoor audio-visual experience. Each system includes either stereo or multi-channel speakers and subwoofers built into an impressive monolithic weatherized containment enclosure designed to withstand the elements of Mother Nature.

Entertainment lifestyles are moving out-of-doors and unlike repurposed delicate indoor projectors and screens, Stealth Patio Theater™ systems are specifically designed for outdoor use, reliably reproducing vibrant and colorful images even in broad daylight. Stealth Patio Theater™ systems provides a dynamic, full-range, multi-channel surround sound that recreates the movie theater experience right in your own backyard. Stealth’s award-winning outdoor StingRay™ loudspeakers and subwoofers coupled with Stealth amplification and Digital Signal Processing provide a realistic and highly immersive cinematic sound.

Patio Theater

Stealth Patio Theater™

Stealth Patio Theater’s have long lasting LED screens that are custom built using the latest in advanced hi-resolution LED technology and control software. The patio theater system cabinet enclosure options range from standard aboveground cabinets to specialized subterranean vaults and may be custom ordered to match existing outdoor decor or to disappear into the landscape. World-class motorized lifts quietly raise the screen from its enclosure and retract safely for storage, adding to system protection, elegance and excitement.

The Stealth Patio Theater system is highly flexible, by using standard technologies, coupled with Stealth’s proprietary designs, the patio theater incorporates a 1080p system processor which provides selectable media playback from up to 7 different HDMI content sources, including; BluRay™ discs, streaming media such as NetFlix™, HULU™, AppleTV™, and most digital audio/video file formats from media and signage players. Stealth’s patio theater is easy to expand and is compatible with all major control systems.

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Outdoor Theater Design and Installation

Technology can make life simple, with an outdoor theater you are in control of your indoor and outdoor entertainment. Shultz Audio Video delivers solutions including entertainment, lighting, and security. We add comfort, convenience, and enjoyment to your lifestyle. Let us enhance your home with technology.

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