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The Big Screen Experience

There are certain experiences you can only get with a projection screen. Projection screens offer a true to form big screen experience much like the one you get when you go to the movies. The right projection screen can open up your world beyond just seeing movies. From video games and video chat, to shopping and watching movies, the experience is completely different when done on a projection screen. One so immersive it will feel like you have been transported into another world. A world that only you can control, a world comprised of life-sized experiences unlike anything you can possibly imagine. Experience a movie night just like you were at the movies from the comfort of your own home in any room. Until now, a dedicated home theater room was necessary to bring home the experience of being at the movies. But, that has all changed! Today, there are projection screens that allow you to bring the same big screen experience you get from being at the movies to any room of your home no matter what.

From movies to video games, if you haven’t experienced playing a video game on a big screen you are in for a mind-blowing experience! A projection screen offers interactivity that is 100 times more interactive on a screen that is 100 inches or greater. And, with the holidays drawing close, can you imagine shopping online with a projection screen. Not only does a big screen turn a thumbnail into a poster sized image, but now there are tools like the 3D eye from Xbox Kinect that allows you to try on your clothes virtually. They call it, the virtual dressing room. And, for those who love to video chat, the experience is completely transformed when immersed on a big screen! Instead of a headshot video that is the size of a postage stamp, a projection screen offers a life-sized video, which is the next best thing to actually being present there in the room. All of this is only made possible with the right projection screen and projector. But be aware, not all projection screens are the same.

Projection Screen 101

Everything You Need To Know About Choosing the Right Screen

The projection screen is just as important as the projector; after all, you watch the screen not the projector! The right high quality projection screen reproduces an image without losing quality. It does this by maximizing the light coming from the projector and in turn reflects the image on the screen so that everyone in the room can see it clearly. Important to make note of, the projector and projection screen need to match the size and purpose of your room. A factor that cannot be overlooked!

Aspect ratio is an important factor for selecting the right screen. And, projection screens come in a number of aspect ratios. The aspect ratio for a square screen is 1:1, while a video screens’ aspect ratio is 4:3. An aspect ratio of 16:9 is what a wide screen uses. When choosing the aspect ratio of your projection screen you must ensure you match it with the aspect ratio of your projector.

Material is another important factor. As an example, a matte white diffusion screen is suitable when light conditions can be controlled. For a wider viewing angle, Datalux is a type of fabric that was specifically designed for this purpose. Datalux is suitable when a projector is mounted on the ceiling.

Types of Projection Screens (each have a range of styles & fabrics):

  • Manual Projection Screens: this type of movie screen is a pull down screen done manually
  • Electric Projection Screens: this type of screen is has a motor that allows you to raise or lower your screen with a switch or remote control
  • Fixed Projection Screens: for those who need a screen to be available at all times, this is the best solution
  • Portable Projection Screens: this type of screen varies in size, and style ranging from table top to wall sized
  • Curved Screens: this type of screen has some distinct advantages like delivering a more uniformly illuminated image when seating is more centrally localized

Knowing whether or not you need a manual, fixed, or electric screen is really a question of room environment. Most manual and electric screens are available with the same surface materials. Electric projection screens give you a wow factor since you can raise or lower with the touch of a button. Electric screens can be hidden in the ceiling for that stealth aesthetic appeal. But if you are going to leave the screen in the down position most of the time, a fixed screen makes the most sense. However, keep in mind the size of your screen matters. As an example, the larger the screen, the more space a fixed screen will take up in your room.

Not All Projection Screens Are Created Equal…

Screen Innovations

Screen Innovations is a technology based U.S. projection screen manufacturer focused on delivering “state-of-the-art” performance. Each screen meets extremely tight tolerances and must deliver the stunning visuals we require. Screen Innovation’s products address constantly changing consumer demands for performance, value, and visual appeal each strategically aligned with today’s projector trends. Their belief is that complex, cutting-edge optics are the future of two-piece projection. As a result, they have an engineering research and development team whose sole purpose is creating the game-changing visual technologies of the future.

Screen Innovations exist at the bleeding edge of projection screen technology. A key example of this is the their black diamond ™ screen. Black Diamond enhances projector performance by creating the ultimate contrast (blacker black, whiter whites) and color accuracy (with added vibrant color delivery) in both light and dark environments. This exclusive Screen Innovations technology is changing the home theater landscape. What’s more, no matter what your room environment or budget allows, there is a solution meant just for you.

Seeing Is Truly Believing…

Zero Edge Screen

Mankind is no longer forced to turn the lights off to enjoy the big screen experience. Zero Edge® with Slate® rejects 65% of the ambient light in your environment which allows you to leave the lights on when watching the game, movies, playing video games, and more. 5 Series Zero Edge® is available in sizes up to 200-inches diagonally, without a seam. Minimizing the 3.5” bezel down to a mere 3/8” bezel creates a more aesthetically pleasing look, and allows projection screens, for the first time ever, to be incorporated into the design of a room. Aside from it looking really cool, the LED backlighting option on a Zero Edge® can actually improve your viewing experience. On large screens, transitions from dark to bright scenes can cause eyestrain as your iris struggles to quickly open and close. Backlighting, as recommended by THX, helps to ease these transitions by providing a more consistent viewing experience.

JVC Reference Series Projector

JVC Reference Series Projector

Imagination that magnifies human senses, JVC’s e-shift is proprietary high-resolution display technology that provides clear 4K precision images. A new algorithm in e-shift5 analyzes every pixel in the original 4K signal to determine the optimal data to create the e-shift frames. This improvement is particularly noticeable in fine detail, such as very small text. All JVC projectors offer high brightness and the industry’s leading native and dynamic contrast, which are essential for proper HDR playback. A new Active Intelligent Lens Aperture is now available for HDR to let viewers enjoy the most dynamic projected HDR images ever seen.

Unlike direct view displays where screen size and brightness are specified and fixed, projectors require adjustment in order to reproduce the PQ curve adopted by HDR 10. JVC projectors handle this by offering an Auto Switching HDR Picture mode and gamma adjustment, and now on two models – the DLA-X990RBK/RS640K and DLA-X790RBK/RS540K – also offers two color profiles, one prioritizing brightness and the other prioritizing color. These can be selected to best suit the viewing environment.

To further improve the reproduction of 4K content, JVC has improved its Multiple Pixel Control by sampling all pixels in the 4K signal to deliver the smoothest, most finely detailed images from 4K content. JVC’s Low Latency Mode reduces frame delay for improved game play, and also improves the processing of high bandwidth signals, such as 4K10bit, 12bit, etc. directly without compression to ensure that the quality of the original source is preserved.

Home Theater Installation Contractor

As a custom audio/video installer, Shultz Audio Video can design and build a home theater tailored to your unique needs and budget. Whether you want a dedicated theater filled with the latest technologies such as 4k and 3D projection, 7.2-channel surround sound with chest-rattling bass or just a nice flat screen TV mounted in your living room, home automation elevates your movie viewing experience to an entirely different level.

Control4 home automation allows you to integrate the products and services you already use into one seamless, awe-inspiring experience. You could simply press the “Watch” button on your Control4 remote and grab your snacks. Your Control4 system can turn on all of your devices and set them to the correct inputs, automatically. It even has the ability to automatically dim the lights for you so you don’t have to get up to turn them off and stumble through a dark room on your way back to the couch. And if you start to feel a draft, you can adjust your thermostat right from the couch.

When you need to make a quick trip to the snack bar or the bathroom, just press the pause button on your Control4 remote control and the lights can be programmed to automatically raise to 50% to provide a lighted pathway for you to travel safely. When your movie is interrupted by a knock at the door, you can pause the movie and see who is standing on your porch from your touch screen camera display, so you can decide whether you should get up to answer the door or stay seated comfortably.

The seamless integration of a Control4 home automation system into your home theater will make you wonder how you’ve ever watched a movie without it. Contact us today and let us help you build your big screen experience (760) 505-7461.