A picture of the SONOS PLAY:5 home theater system.

SONOS PLAY:5 the ultimate all-in-one listening experience with the deepest, richest HiFi sound is powerfully smart and fine-tuned with you in mind. The SONOS PLAY:5 fine-tunes its sound. This ensures you can hear what the artist packed into the original recording. And, it’s dynamic enough to make the movies you watch, true to what the director intended. So, whether you want to stream music, feel the action from the movies you watch… The SONOS PLAY:5 delivers it all.

The SONOS PLAY:5 has been meticulously engineered to make listening to digital music simpler, more immersive, and more satisfying. It combines six smartly synchronized drivers with innovative, room adapting TRUEPLAY tuning to deliver an exact reproduction of the music you love. Each instrument, each voice, every detail shines through with distinct clarity. Connecting with your favorite songs on a deeper level is simple with SONOS PLAY:5. It is sound that’s pure and precise, with zero audible distortion, even when you turn it up!

TRUEPLAY makes the PLAY:5 acoustically aware and adaptable. It recognizes the distinct acoustic qualities of any space, then fine-tunes all six drivers to deliver exceptional sound that’s tailored for the room you listen in. No matter where, or even how, you place your speaker, it sounds great. With its relevant, restrained design, its precise acoustic fidelity, and its ever-evolving software smarts, the SONOS PLAY:5 is an intuitive audio powerhouse that will transform your home listening experience.

Great sound completes the picture, what you see on the screen is only half the story, and the other half, is what you hear. Today’s movie and gaming audio pros craft pulse-pounding soundtracks that put you right at the heart of the action. For the full experience, a good home theater setup is a must-have.


Home Theater for Music Lovers

SONOS is the most reliable wireless audio solutions available today. So, if you want to play music in any room, or watch movies and experience them as if you were actually there, SONOS has you covered. HiDef meet HiFi, SONOS speakers are built to fill your home with pure, immersive sound. They combine custom-designed components with innovative Trueplay technology. As a result, it fine-tunes your speaker for sound that is true to the music and right for the room. With Trueplay, every song you have ever loved, or ever will, becomes a richer listening experience.

SONOS smart speakers connect to one another over the existing Wi-Fi network in your home. If you want to fill your home with serious, uninterrupted sound and multi-room control, Sonos smart speakers are the solution. Bluetooth audio works by pairing a Bluetooth speaker to a smart device to access music. Because your smart device and speaker need to be physically close to each other, the wireless range, expandability and control of a Bluetooth connection can be limited.

The wireless solutions a SONOS home audio or home cinema system provides is unlike any of their competitors. So, if you are ready to get rid of your unsightly wires, listen to your music anywhere in any room and access it from any device and experience movies the way the director intended, a wireless home audio solution by SONOS is for you.

A picture of a SONOS PLAY:5 5.1 Wireless Surround Sound with PLAYBAR, SUB, and PLAY:5 Pair

SONOS PLAY:5, Home Theater Setup

5.1 Wireless Surround Sound with PLAYBAR, SUB, and PLAY:5 Pair

Unleash your home entertainment possibilities with a SONOS PLAY:5 5.1 home theater system. The SONOS Wireless HiFi System delivers warm, full-bodied sound that’s crystal at any volume. SONOS can fill your home with music. It does this by combining HiFi sound and rock-solid wireless in a smart system that is easy to set-up, control and expand into a home theater system.

  • PLAY:5 – turn two PLAY:5’s into separate left and right channel speakers to create wider, bigger, deeper sound.
  • PLAYBAR – with a nine-speaker driver, the soundbar design floods your home with huge waves of epic, full-theater sound for TV, Web, Movies, and Video Games.
  • SUB – a SUB adds soul-shaking bass with two face-to-face, force-cancelling speakers for deep sound and zero cabinet buzz or rattle. Feel the crush of every action sequence and the shred of every power chord. Put the SUB wireless subwoofer anywhere you want in the room even lying flat under a couch.