Super Bowl Sunday


Super Bowl Sunday cannot come fast enough for many football lovers. As the countdown continues to the most watched TV-program annually have you truly considered how your home entertainment systems can make or break your game day experience?

Whether you are an audio buff or a football fanatic… life is more enjoyable when the right music or visuals fill the air. Imagine watching the game on Super Bowl Sunday and feeling the rumbling of the stadium with each touchdown or hearing the football players screaming out to one another, as if you were at the game. With the right outdoor speaker system, outdoor movie screen, and projector installed, you can transform your outdoor living space into an exciting experience for your family and your friends.

If you have no space inside your home to indulge your passion for Super Bowl Sunday, have you considered your own backyard? Today’s technology and the IoT of Things makes home entertainment possibilities endless… whether you are looking to build a extravagant outdoor home theater or just want to simply add a modest outdoor cinema to your home media line-up… making sure you understand what it takes to build the ultimate outdoor theater is important!

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Game Day

Building an Outdoor Theater for Super Bowl Sunday

ARE YOU READY TO FEEL THE RUMBLE and Shake your… February 7, 2016 will be one of the most historic events in the history of the NFL. Do you want to immerse yourself in the experience of America’s most anticipated annual NFL event, EVER? Super Bowl 50 is perhaps one of the most important games for the NFL because it marks the 50th anniversary making this game of the most significant games in the history of the NFL.

This year’s featured halftime show headliners include world renowned artists such as Bruno Mars and Coldplay making it all the more reason to consider how adding an outdoor theater system to your home entertainment line up can make your backyard the place to be for you, your family, and your friends!

An outdoor entertainment space for most people means listening to your favorite songs with your family or your friends… and for some it is a awe inspiring area meant for watching your favorite NFL games in a place that is only meant for the real… however enjoying your outdoor living space can also mean watching your favorite TV shows or news stations by day and sharing a movie or sporting game by night. If you are ready for an outdoor home theater system and quivering with the anticipation of a fully immersive Super Bowl Sunday experience right in your own backyard… this is the perfect place for you to begin.

The NFL wants to make this Year’s Super Bowl Spectacular…

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Outdoor Projector

Optima HD50 Outdoor Projector

Not all projectors are suitable for an outdoor movie theater. The recommended outdoor projectors should have a brightness of 2000 lumens or brighter. Optoma projectors were created for home entertainment at its best. For outdoor theaters the Shultz Audio Video uses Optoma projectors H281X, HD141X, HD161X, HD25-LV, HD26 and the HD50. When your outdoor home theater is designed and installed by a home theater expert like Shultz Audio Video you can count on your home theater including the optimal projector which is bright enough to watch with ambient light and perfect after it gets dark.

Outdoor Screen

Draper Nocturne Series Screen

Game Day is scheduled to air on Sunday, February 7, at 6:30pm and since the sun will set in San Diego by that time, let the Nocturne to come out. This outdoor screen by Draper is designed for outdoor use on your patio, by your pool or just about anywhere else you can think of.

Draper Outdoor Screen:

Screen Type

  • Motorized, exterior projection screen

Viewing Surfaces:

  • OptiView Family (self-supporting front screen surfaces): Matt White XT1000E, Contrast Grey XH800E
  • ClearSound Family (acoustically transparent screen surfaces): ClearSound White Weave XT900E, ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E, ClearSound Perf XT950E


  • Weather and insect resistant solid aluminum headbox and built-in hinge.
  • Case dimensions are 4” H x 5” D (10 cm H x 13 cm D)


  • Controls – Can be furnished with standard control options* (Optional switches and controls are not water resistant).
  • Motors – Available with optional 220v motor
  • Viewing Surfaces – Numerous tensioned viewing surfaces available
  • Case Finishes – Standard color is white. Also available in black, silver, ivory, charcoal bronze Extra drop is available, specify color. Some sizes have 12” (30 cm) black drop as standard.


  • 16:10 Format—from 94” (239 cm) to 137” (348 cm) diagonal
  • 16:9 HDTV Format—from 65” (165 cm) to 133” (338 cm) diagonal
  • 4:3 NTSC/PAL Format—from 72” (183 cm) to 150” (381 cm) diagonal
  • Custom sizes available

Outdoor Speakers

Episode® Landscape Series

The Episode® Landscape Series line features four and six inch speaker models, mounting accessories, and a burial subwoofer. The Episode® Landscape Speaker Kits four premium 4” or 6” two-way speakers fueled by a powerful two-channel Crown® amplifier for the highest quality performance.

Episode® Landscape Speaker Kit

Amplify your sound field with an Episode® Landscape Speaker Kit. The Episode® Landscape Speaker Kit will deliver the highest quality sound that is not only powerful it also features sound so stunning, you won’t believe your ears… The Episode® Landscape Speaker Kit features four premium 4” or 6” two-way speakers fueled by a powerful two-channel Crown® amplifier for the highest quality performance.

The two-channel Crown® amplifier features 1,000 watts of power and custom DSP settings. The two-channel Crown® amplifier includes pre-programmed EQ settings, customizable DSP settings and is so versatile you can use both channels at 70V or run one channel at 70V and the other at a 2 ohm load. Whichever setting you choose you can be assured that this amplifier will deliver the highest quality sound you have ever heard from an outdoor speaker system.


Episode® Landscape Series Burial Subwoofer

Looking for earthshaking sound? Increase your bass by adding an Episode® Series Burial Subwoofer… This subwoofer will add just the right amount of kick and deliver the type of earthshaking performance that will leave you speechless. It’s time you felt your music instead of just listening to it… The Episode® Series Burial Subwoofer features a powerful punch and is made fully weatherproof with its tough HDPVC enclosure and a hidden 10” mica-filled polypropylene cone. The speaker terminals each come with a protective rubber boot and feature adjustable feet perfect for permanent mounting.

Building an Outdoor Theater for Game Day

Outdoor Theater System Installation

To build a truly ultimate Super Bowl experience, your outdoor home theater system should include technologically advanced outdoor speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers that project unparalleled immersive sound, a DVD management system, an outdoor screen that appears from a discreet place at the touch of a button, and two iPad minis to serve as the remotes; one for him and one for her. Adding an outdoor home theater will make your home the place to be for this year’s Super Bowl Game!

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