RTI Home Automation

Control your lifestyle; with RTI home automation and make your environment a seamless experience that moves, connects, and functions, programmed for the way you live. The Internet has impacted modern technology and our daily lives. The level of technological innovation has made it easier to add devices to a home based on your preferences, your level of comfort, and most importantly to help you solve, everyday problems. RTI allows you to live a simple, secured, comfortable and convenient lifestyle.

Example: Home Automation Possibilities

Imagine this, it is 6:00am and your alarm clock rings, triggering an automated morning routine that has been programmed specifically for you. Morning Routine: the lights in your bedroom and bathroom turn on to a level that suits your eyes; the heat adjusts making your home comfortable to get ready for your day, and as you leave you hit your away button which triggers your alarm to be activated, security cameras to start recording, all with a simple one touch command. This is only one example of how an automated home intelligently adjusts to the needs of you and your family.

A Home That Adapts To You

So, how can one build a home that understands what they need? This  a requires one to consider their needs, wants and desires. Today, you can control everything in your home. So, whether you need to adjust your thermostat, or turn off all your lights before you go to bed… it allows you to do that and more.

With home automation entertaining is easy even if you are in a rush all you have to do is hit your entertainment mode allowing you to reduce the time you spend getting ready for your guests. Depending on how you live, your entertainment mode might do things like access a certain playlist  to be played throughout your home, illuminate outdoor and indoor lighting, or even heat up the spa so you and your guests can relax with a glass of wine.

How To Enhance Your Lifestyle

When people think of the automation the first thought that comes to mind is expensive! But what you may not be aware of is having a home that is automated can actually save you money. For Example: have you ever left your house, only to realize you left something on? Like the air conditioner or all your lights? Mistakes like this can be costly! Buy with automation, you can easily check this from your smart device.

Home automation gives you full control of your lifestyle, because it is designed for your everyday living. It allows you to easily control your entertainment, lighting, and climate when it is time to watch a movie with the family, or run a simple lighting scene when you are away. Go ahead, pick up your iPhone, or snap on your Samsung, with RTI’s control, Shultz Audio Video will literally design, install, and integrate a system that touches every aspect of your lifestyle.

San Diego Home Automation Integrator

Technology can make life simple… with home automation you control how your devices respond, when they should respond and why. Shultz Audio Video delivers solutions for a smarthome including climate, entertainment, lighting and security. We add comfort and convenience to your lifestyle and enhance your home with technology aimed at making your life simple.