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Construction site security is a headache for property developers, builders and contractors. Of the hardest hit by theft, are single-family construction sites. Equipment and material theft is a major source of loss for homebuilders. And, while insurance may offset some of the financial costs, many uninsured costs such as deductibles, replacing depreciated items with new equipment, production delays, paperwork and time to report and replace stolen equipment are paid the contractor. Stealing heavy equipment and materials causes delays and unnecessary costs to any construction project.

Stripping metal and equipment out of construction sites is a big business. Theft at your construction site can potentially costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Opportunity and value come together on construction job sites, and thieves are making the most of it. Heavy Equipment such as backhoes, wheel and skip loaders, skid steers, forklifts and towable equipment to name a few are some of the most targeted heavy equipment.

Materials like copper pipes are also often stolen from unattended construction sites. Between $1 billion and $4 billion worth of materials, tools, and construction equipment in residential construction sites are stolen each year. Thus leading to huge losses to construction site contractors and builders. The reality is, any equipment that is stolen at a construction site increases the budget to build. It is imperative that you take security precautions as soon as construction starts.

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Statistics show that up to 88% of burglars would not steal from a place with security camera systems.


Protecting Outdoor Assets

For residential construction projects that need a higher level of security Visualint is the answer. More than just video recording, Visualint is intelligent video surveillance. Through seven “rules” of analytics, robust system integration and remote video monitoring, Visualint solutions deliver unparalleled safety to residential construction projects. At the core of each Visualint system are intelligent video cameras backed by over twenty years of research and development. Using seven analytic rules, we can create customized, virtual boundaries that extend beyond the walls of the construction site out to the perimeter, revolutionizing the way you see surveillance systems.

Visualint Virtual Officer provides advanced levels of protection. As soon as your site closes, the system arms, and your site is then remotely monitored. Each Visualint Virtual Officer camera includes Visualint’s advanced intelligence as standard. Visualint Virtual Officer is the only camera designed for construction-site monitoring that can protect and provide time-lapse video of the construction project.

The Visualint Virtual Officer camera is repositionable so multiple areas can be monitored based on the time of day. Various recording options are available. When you don’t want your tractors to walk off in the middle of the night, Visualint is there. It an all-in-one solution you can mount in places where traditional surveillance just can’t go: new construction sites, remote locations, scalable systems across multiple properties.

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What Is Video Security?

What Is Video Security?

Visualint’s virtual sensors broaden the scope of what a surveillance system can do. Traditional surveillance captures still images or video footage of events while they happen. Those basic systems rely on physical landmarks like walls, windows, or doors to provide alerts. Visualint creates custom virtual sensors via seven motion-based analytic rules. Using these rules, Visualint can proactively deter potential events or unwanted guests and reduce false positives by up to 97%, so you’ll save time and effort for the work that really matters.

What Is Video Security?

Camera To Camera Communication

Using a mix of fixed cameras and PTZ cameras, your system can now communicate with an auto-tracking camera, so any event or possible intruder can be tracked from minute one. Visualint cameras were purpose-built to separate false alarms from true emergencies, so they deliver accurate results no matter who’s monitoring your job. Reduced false positives also mean you’ll enjoy a faster police response and lower insurance rates. Using size-based object tracking instead of light-based motion, Visualint analytics are set up to create precise events using trigger variables, so each camera can distinguish between a small dog, a human, and a vehicle.


Receive alerts when parked cars or a person enter a particular zone for pre-determined amounts of time.


Track people as they enter or exit a pre-defined area, like walking within a certain distance of the front door.


Wire, a single trip line generates an alert whenever a pre-configured line is crossed, regardless of the object’s speed.

With a full-time staff that is qualified to handle and manage any security project to fit your needs, we can help secure your job sites.

Prevent theft, vandalism, and trespassing at your construction site. Let us help you secure your job site, without having to run a lot of extra wire or do additional configurations.

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