Video Surveillance Security Systems

Video Surveillance Security Systems

Video surveillance plays a vital role in protecting business assets and aids in monitoring critical infrastructure. It can help prevent break-ins, control unauthorized access to restricted areas, and record workplace incidents, thus reducing the risk of liability when an accident occurs. Video surveillance is a key component of safety and security for a business. From sports bars, to fitness clubs, to schools, and retail locations, a video surveillance system improves security, enhances safety, and gives business owners peace of mind when they are away.

As a business owner, you face the risk of theft, liability, vandalism, and dishonest employee behavior. Video surveillance systems enhance both safety and security, while reducing risk for many industries. Hotels, bars, restaurants, and the like face day-to-day, minute-to-minute security threats, and hour-to-hour safety concerns, making the need to control and manage safety and security, more important then ever.

If you are looking for a security solution to protect your business, one that provides a way for you to manage both safety and security no matter how many locations you have… then the right solution for you is a video surveillance system. Monitor anything you want, anytime you want, from anywhere, on any device, with a video surveillance system built to suit your unique business needs.

Business Security Camera System

IP vs Analog: Understanding the Difference

To truly understand the difference between an IP surveillance system and an analog surveillance system, let us first define each. IP is short for Internet Protocol. As it relates to digital video, an IP camera can send and receive data via a network, as opposed to just sending a feed to a DVR. Why is this important? If you are going to invest in a video surveillance system, knowing why you should go IP versus analog is the difference between seeing clearly or not!

Analog is very limited in its recording capabilities. It is the oldest video recording method that stores continuous waves of red, green, and blue intensities. Or put simply, the number of rows are fixed, there are no real columns, and the maximum detail is determined by the frequency response of the analog system. In short, analog is a standard video signal and if it is lost or low, the clarity of what you are seeing could be the difference between knowing what is actually taking place or not.

Benefits of IP Versus Analog

The main differences between an IP camera and an Analog camera are the (benefits):

  • Picture Quality:
    • IP Camera: captures a wider field, has higher resolution, and picture quality.
    • Analog Camera: at best can capture the equivalent of a Megapixel, the field is limited to where it is pointed.
      • One IP camera can do the job of 3 analog cameras (you save money).
  • Video Analytics:
    • IP Camera: set your network to flag events that occur in the camera’s field of vision, or…
    • Analog Camera: pour over hours of footage.
      • An IP Camera allows your network to tell you exactly when event occurred and point you right to the events. An analog camera cannot (you save time and money).
  • Flexibility + Scalability:
    • IP Camera: NVR (Network Video Recorder), IP cameras use switches allowing cameras in close proximity to each other to be connected to a single wire that runs to the NVR. In short, many IP cameras can be connected to one NVR.
    • Analog Camera: DVR (Digital Video Recorder), Analog cameras need to be connected directly to a DVR, thus limiting the amount of cameras that can be connected to that DVR by the number of ports available.
      • An IP Camera reduces the amount of cable, labor, and ports being used, allowing you to connect more cameras to one NVR because you are not limited to the number of ports like you would be in a analog set up (DVR) again (YOU SAVE TIME AND MONEY).
        • An added benefit of using IP Cameras is the ability to use PoE (Power over Ethernet). In short, PoE allows your Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable to run the signal AND provide power to your IP cameras; this eliminates the need for separate power supplies.
        • YOU SAVE TIME, and MONEY (less labor, less parts, etc.).

WIREPATH Surveillance

IP Surveillance: WIREPATH Clear Video for Enhanced Security

WIREPATH Surveillance has a line of IP cameras and NVRs that use all of the smartest technologies like, Sense-Up, Smart IR, Backlight and Highlight Compensation, 3D DNR, Privacy Masking, Foreground/Background Contrast, and more. This IP surveillance solution will provide you with the best performance and highest picture quality possible even in the toughest of conditions. Indoor or outdoor, WIREPATHS IP Cameras will deliver 8 times the resolution of analog cameras, giving you the ability to watch crystal clear video on your PC, or mobile devices. You have complete control, and can even monitor anything you want, from anywhere you want, on any device you want in REAL-TIME. It’s intuitive Crystal clear video, at your fingertips!

WIREPATH IP Smart Technologies Defined:

  • High-Resolution Streaming: delivers pristine video with resolutions from 1920×1080 at a full 30FPS with a true 16:9 widescreen, up to 1280×1024 a full 30FPS with a true 16:9 widescreen view at 1280×720.
  • IR Sense-Up: sees in the dark, features Smart IR to elimate overexposure and evenly illuminate subjects so that be seen clearly, even in the dark.
  • Quadruple Stream Optimization: record independent streams to an NVR in high-def, simultaneously sending a low-res, data-friendly stream to mobile device or control system.
  • Compensates for Bright Backgrounds: reduces silhouetting so foreground subjects can be seen clearly when there’s a bright background light, and blocks intensely bright areas to improve image contrast.
  • Keeps Designated Areas Private: blocks out sensitive or privileged areas defined by users to ensure privacy of controlled access areas or home interiors.
  • Privacy Masking and Motion Detection: user-defined privileged areas can be blocked for privacy, while other areas can be defined to begin recording upon detecting motion.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Enjoy a clean, streamlined interface for easy monitoring right from your computer to provide one-click access to individual cameras.