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Control4 Smart Home


Historically, home automation and connected home technology has involved many different wireless and network communication standards making it hard to mix-and-match products from different vendors so that all the features work correctly together. Today, homes are getting smarter and more efficient, and connected devices are learning to communicate with each other.

From basic security to smart appliances, lighting, shades, climate, entertainment systems and more, homes of the future will only continue to become more and more connected. Which means more complexity for you, the homeowner, as you attempt to combine them together or manage them all from separate apps. A Control4 smart home removes that complexity in a number of ways, with professional smart home design, installation, configuration, and management of all of your home technology needs. 

Just as your laptop computer, tablets, and phones have operating systems, so too should your connected home. A smart home OS is a platform that simplifies the technology you’ve accumulated in your home. It’s robust and intelligent enough to integrate up to thousands of smart devices, connecting and orchestrating virtually everything across your entire house from the indoors to the outdoors.

From shades to thermostats, gates to garage doors, entertainment to security, and almost anything in between, your smart home OS should enable connectivity with the devices, products, and systems that you use every day. So, whether you’re interacting with your smart home using your phone, a touch screen, handheld remote, a keypad on the wall, or simply by voice, the interfaces and products that are tied into your smart home OS should be easy and natural for everyone in your family to use.

Control4 Smart Home OS 3

Control4 Smart Home OS 3

From setting room favorites or wallpapers to customizing smart home actions, you and your family can easily personalize your Control4 smart home system to enhance daily living.

Control4 Smart Home OS 3

Enjoy control like you’ve never experienced. An evolved, fluid interface and over a thousand new features and interaction enhancements have been thoughtfully redesigned to simplify your smart home. It’s modern, intuitive, and fun to use! OS 3 gives you unmatched personalization and control capabilities that make your smart home uniquely your own. Mark your most frequently used rooms as favorites so you can quickly swipe between them, and every room is customizable to your liking, right down to the wallpaper for each space. OS 3 is intuitive, providing easy access and control for all devices across your home. See only the lights that are on, music that is currently playing, or glance at the entire home in one place using interfaces and gestures you’re familiar with.


A smart home OS is a platform that simplifies the technology you’ve accumulated in your home.

Why You Want & Need

A Smart Home OS

Over the years, you have acquired dozens if not hundreds of smart things in your home, many of which are managed by different apps. The problem with this is, while these devices are cool, you’re left singular experiences. While you may be able to lower your shades with a controller, you can’t lower your shades and turn on the lights at the same time.

That’s because, very few if any of the devices are capable of working together. And, although you invested in home technology to enhance your life, unfortunately you end up introducing even more complexity because you have to use a different app to control all of your smart stuff. But what if there was a way for you to integrate all of your smart devices into more personalized experiences, now there is!

The Control4 Smart Home OS 3 is the platform that simplifies the technology you’ve accumulated in your home. And, it’s intelligent enough to integrate thousands of smart devices, connecting and orchestrating virtually everything in your house. Just as  a building requires plumbing, electricity, and network connectivity, a smart home requires an operating system to manage and automate all of its connected devices.

Control4 connects with and “talks to” to over 13,500 third-party products and systems. From shades to thermostats, gates to garages, entertainment to security, and almost anything in between, their software is built into thousands of leading consumer electronics, appliances, and network devices to ensure your favorite brands and gadgets work together.

Smart Home OS 3


With Control4, one beautiful, easy-to-use interface gives you simple and fast access to the technology in your home, allowing you to live a brilliantly smart and connected life.

Unmatched Personalization

Control of it All
Life gets busy—but when your home technology is connected into one simple-to-use system, it makes your life more convenient and your home safer, more comfortable, and easy to enjoy.

Control Your Home With Your Smartphone or Other Mobile Device

SMART HOME OS 3 Interfaces

Control With Your Mobile Devices

On your mobile device, portrait mode scrolls naturally and is designed to display the correct icons with instant feedback of their current status.

Control Your Home From A Control4 Touch Screen

SMART HOME OS 3 Interfaces

Control From A Touch Screen

From a Control4 touch screen, the icons are larger and the response time is incredibly fast for immediate control of anything in your smart home.

Control Your Home With A Handheld Remote

SMART HOME OS 3 Interfaces

Control With Your Handheld Remote

With your handheld remote, the on-screen display is focused specifically for entertainment so you can easily pull up audio/video entertainment and favorite devices.

Your Smart Home, Simplified

Imagine waking up to your favorite music, your bedroom shades gently rise to let the sunshine in, and the temperature in the bathroom adjusts to the perfect level. While at work, receive a notification when a delivery arrives at your front door, or when your kids get home from school. As you return from work, a simple voice command dims your lights and queues a movie, so that you can relax with the family after dinner time. And, at the end of the night, while tucking the kids into bed, you tell Alexa, it’s bedtime, which locks the doors, turn off the lights, and sets the alarm. When everything in your home works together, life is just better!

For many homeowners, installing and managing everything in the smart home is time consuming and complicated. We eliminate this complexity by delivering stronger, safer, and easier-to-use smart home experiences that are custom designed to meet your family’s needs for homes of any type. Let us help you design the smart home of your dreams. Contact us today at (760) 505-7461 to book your complimentary smart home assessment or simply send us a message by clicking on the button below to fill out the contact form.