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Transform Your Home Entertainment

A Dolby Atmos Home Theater will redefine your entertainment experience. With sound that moves around you in three-dimensional space, you feel like your inside the action. Dolby Atmos brings the ultimate cinema sound experience to your home. Whether you prefer to enjoy your home theater system in a dedicated room or in your living room, with Dolby Atmos you can create powerful, moving audio that flows around you. Dolby Atmos technology frees sound from channels.

With traditional surround soundtracks they are confined to either a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound which is typical of most home theater setups. For example, if a scene requires, say, a helicopter taking off, that sound has to be assigned to specific channels and mixed together with other sounds. Because traditional surround sound is confined that helicopter can only move across channels, it cannot go above you. This means you hear it only from the small number of predetermined locations defined by the speaker set up. It is not sound in real life.

Dolby Atmos, by contrast, frees sound from channels. With Dolby Atmos, any sound like the helicopter, or a car screeching around a corner, can exist as an independent audio object, free of channel restrictions. That is, they can be precisely placed and moved anywhere in your room, including overhead, to flow above and around you in three-dimensional space. Other home theater audio technologies, even those that add height information, still rely on channels and do not create audio objects. No matter how many channels the other technologies use, they cannot duplicate the free movement of sound that gives Dolby Atmos its unique realism.

Dolby Atmos


Move beyond traditional surround sound, and upgrade your audio experience.


What You Will Need

If you want great sound and pristine visual quality from your home theater, make sure you have Dolby Atmos enabled speakers. Dolby Atmos is the most important innovations in movie sound since the introduction of surround. In addition to speakers in front and to the sides, and perhaps in the rear, Dolby Atmos also uses speakers above the listener. Mixing engineers now have the creative freedom to place individual sounds and objects anywhere. Such as above and around the listener. The result is a more immersive experience than traditional channel-based surround sound could ever provide.

With 128 simultaneous audio objects supported by Dolby Atmos, even stationary sounds are reproduced through all the speakers, such as a background music or ambient effects. Just as in the cinema, the content mastered for home reproduction includes all the audio objects from the original film, placed in three-dimensional space. A Dolby Atmos soundtrack, specifies the exact placement and movement of audio objects. A Dolby Atmos powered AVR reads the metadata and determines how to use the speakers in your specific setup to best recreate this precise placement and movement.

Dolby Atmos is highly scalable. You can play a Dolby Atmos movie and get the spatial effects on nearly any speaker configuration in a home Dolby Atmos system, and adding speakers increases the precision of the audio placement. The technology also enables overhead sounds that enhance realism and make the sound more expansive. Overhead sounds can be produced by either overhead speakers or special Dolby Atmos enabled speakers that fire sound up to the ceiling, where it is reflected back down as overhead sound.

Dolby Atmos Enabled Speakers
Atlantic Technology IC-6 OBA

Atlantic Technology IC-6 OBA

Experience true immersive sound in your own home

The IC-6 OBA speaker is specifically designed to be used as the “elevation” component in an Object Based Audio system such as Dolby Atmos®, Auro 3D® and DTS:X® surround systems. The Atlantic Technology research and engineering team developed the IC-6 OBA to deliver the excitement of Object Based Audio encoded soundtracks with startling impact and holographic three-dimensional realism. The IC-6 OBA’s frequency response and radiation pattern have been specifically engineered to provide wide dispersion to eliminate hot spots that occur with standard in-ceiling speakers.

Atlantic Technology 44DA

Atlantic Technology 44DA

The Next Step in a Truly Believable Sonic Experience at Home

Dolby Atmos adds the final, essential characteristic that’s been missing from the home theater experience: the sense of true audible 3-dimensionality. Dolby Atmos-encoded movies deliver this experience, like no other movie can. Fully realizing the benefit and effect of this multidimensional sound technology in the home, The Atlantic Technology 44-DA Dolby Atmos-enabled loudspeaker module utilizes a 5-1/4-inch woofer and 1-inch silk dome tweeter in a concentric driver array (CDA), firing from the top of the speaker enclosure at a precisely-determined angle to achieve precise frequency response and directional sound radiation.


Dolby Enabled Speakers

For the experience of moving audio that flows around you, Atlantic Technology Dolby Atmos enabled speakers are powerful and immersive. The original home theater speaker company, Atlantic Technology is one of the most highly regarded manufacturers that specializes in designing complete high performance home theater speakers. Beyond performance, their speakers integrate easily and attractively into your home to deliver consistently great movie sound and music reproduction.

Atlantic Technology Dolby Atmos enabled speakers feature an ingenious design that relies on directing tightly controlled beams of sound to the ceiling and reflecting them to the listener. Dolby Atmos has revolutionized cinema sound. And, now you can enjoy the same multidimensional experience in your home. With the IC-6-OBA, sounds above will move in specific directions without calling attention to themselves as “speakers above your head.”

For a truly believable sonic experience at home the 44-DA Dolby Atmos-enabled loudspeaker will help you achieve the optimum effect. Because particular attention has been paid to delivering a “controlled acoustic scatter” it will dramatically broaden the sweet spot of the sound reflected by the ceiling, allowing for greater placement flexibility within the listening room. Dolby Atmos has added the final, essential characteristic that has been missing from the home theater experience. Now you can experience the sense of true audible 3-dimensionality with Atlantic Technology Dolby Atmos enabled speakers.

Atlantic Technology Dolby Atmos Enabled Speakers