Surround Sound

Going to the movies is an experience enjoyed by many. While some go to the movies to simply escape from their daily worries. Others go to change the way they see and feel the world. But the great thing about going to the movies, is that it lets you escape.

The movie going experience is created to move, touch and make us feel – something if not everything all at the same time. Our sense are enticed by the smells of popcorn. Our eyes are captivated by colors and special effects and our ears are stimulated by sound.

Watching a movie can help you break away from stressful thoughts or enhance a first date… whatever experience you might be after… wouldn’t it be nice to have that same experience in the comfort of your own home?

Home Theater Systems: Not Just For Dedicated Rooms

Home theater systems are not just for dedicated rooms. In fact, most home theater systems are placed right in the living room. The key to recreating the movie theater experience is about choosing the right products and getting your speakers and TV installed in the sweet spot of your room.

But, no two rooms are alike and no two systems are the same… today’s home entertainment solutions have been developed to bring you the home entertainment experience you always dreamed of… and can be designed for the way YOU LIVE…

What Is Surround Sound?

What is surround sound? Surround sound is a type of audio output. The audio output generated by a surround sound system actually surrounds the listener with what feels like a 360 degree space… or put more simply the sound is all around you. As an example, in an action packed movie you might see a helicopter-flying over-head… with surround speakers the helicopter actually sounds like it is flying over you thus increasing the movie watching experience.

Surround Sound vs Stereo Sound

To understand surround sound and how it works it makes it easier to compare it to stereo sound. With stereo sound there are two speakers and sometimes a subwoofer depending on the set up. When a listener has only stereo sound they hear music, voices or background sounds from the same two channels also known as speakers.

This means that even background noise that has been made to enhance a scene but not necessarily be the focus of the scene comes from the same direction at the same levels… thus making it hard to really experience everything the director intended you to.

Surround sound on the other hand gives variances in sounds which are presented to you from different directions as well as levels depending on which sounds are mean to be in the foreground and which sounds are meant to be in the background known as ambiance or background noises.

Surround Sound: How It Works

A great example of how surround sound works is thinking about it like a real experience you are having… Like being in a classroom where you hear foreground sound like the teacher talking and background sound like someone playing with a piece of paper.

Your attention is on the teacher because the sound is more prominent and right in front of you versus the rattling paper you hear because it is not as loud and it is also coming from another part of the classroom.

Surround Sound: Speaking in Technical Terms

Technically speaking, surround sound works because multiple audio channels make it more realistic experience. The audio from the movie soundtrack is received through speakers that are positioned in different locations of the room.

So, when a surround sound system is used to watch a movie from a source such as a Blu-ray DVD player a decoded soundtrack is sent to a receiver and surround sound speakers providing you with a depth to your listening experience. Or put simply, the sound is dispersed the way the director intended in that you hear the right foreground noises and the right background noises at the right levels and places thus creating a 360-degree listening experience.

Surround Sound: 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1

A 5.1 channel setup consists of 3 speakers in the front of you (left, right, center). And, two speakers behind you (right surround, left surround) with a subwoofer somewhere in the same room (for low frequency effects).

6.1 surround sound includes the same speakers as the 5.1 setup but add an extra speaker in a rear center position. Finally, the 7.1 surround sound setup is much like the other two setups but the 7.1 setup has two more speakers (a left rear and a right rear speaker).

How to Recreate The Movie Theater Experience in any Room

Home theater possibilities are endless with today’s available technology. In fact, today’s technology allows you to generate the same big, booming audio experience a dedicated home theater has to offer in any room. With the right set up your room you can have the movie going experience without the headache of ever having to leave your home. Mount a TV in the right place add a good surround sound system and you can create that movie experience you live in any room.

Things To Consider: TV Placement

The placement of your TV is very important. When mounting your TV what you don’t want to do is mount it so high that you have to look up. This can cause discomfort in your neck and shoulders. When mounting your TV you want to consider the size it, as well as the size of the room. Additionally, make sure to accommodate for where you will be sitting. This way you are mounting your TV in just the right spot.

Speaker Placement: What To Be Aware Of

Speaker placement is more important that you might think! Considerations such as where you can put the speakers, as in can I hide them must be taken into consideration. You may think putting your nice newly bought speakers into a cabinet might not matter but it does. When you put speakers or subwoofers into a cabinet you run the risk of muffled sound.

If you need help with your surround sound installation you may want to consider calling Shultz Audio Video. They have the solutions you need to create a movie theater experience designed for the way YOU LIVE.

Living Room and Family Room Surround Sound Solutions

The key to a successful surround sound or home entertainment project is working with the right company. Retrofitting older homes for a home theater systems or simple surround sound can be done. Wires can be routed through your attic or walls and when necessary wires and cables can be run along the exterior of a home. Retrofit installations require thinking outside of the box.

The type of thinking that sees beyond the missing wire and the low vaulted ceilings in your attic. When you are ready add a surround sound system or home theater system and are looking for the best solutions, products and installation services, call Shultz Audio Video.