Episode Audio

Episode Speakers is the jaw drop in every movie. It is the air guitar in every jam session. It is the sound that pulls heartstrings, starts parties, and amplifies your life. It is pure, unfiltered, and unforgettable harmony. Grounded in an acoustical design approach, Episode Speakers raise the bar not just for the industry, but for everything, you have ever heard. Get your hands on one and you won’t want to let it go. Episode had one thought in mind when they designed their very first speaker, imagine a really great speaker, and then reimagine it.

You won’t believe what you hear from an Episode Speaker, it is not just sound, it is science. Full, pure sound is something that can actually be quantified. When you hear the unbelievable sound of Episode Speakers, the audio experience will bring you to a place where your favorite sounds come to life. Episode is more than just speakers; they have a wide range of audio applications that were built with you in mind, to deliver an immersive audio experience that you will remember forever. That famous movie line, flawless piano solo, or the ultra-realistic sound of your team’s winning game are all perfectly heard, every time!

All About Subwoofers

If you are like most people, you love the intense, spine-tingling impact of the bass hitting your body. To feel the power of a jet soaring overhead, a bomb exploding, or a Tyrannosaurus Rex taking step after crushing step towards you, a subwoofer delivers that and so much more! The home entertainment experience you have is all about choosing the right speakers and subwoofer. After all, the subwoofer is what makes you feel the intensity of it all! Bass defines your home theater, and gives you that WOW feeling each time you feel the impact of sound against your chest.

Passive & Powered

Subwoofers come in two basic types, passive and powered. An external amplifier powers passive subwoofers, in the same manner as other speakers in a home theater speaker system. The important consideration here is that since extreme bass needs more power to reproduce low frequency sounds, your amplifier or receiver needs to be able to output enough power to sustain bass effects in the subwoofer without draining the amp. The amount of power needed will depend on the requirements of the speaker and the size of the room.

To solve the problem of inadequate power or other characteristics that may be lacking in a receiver or amplifier, powered subwoofers are self-contained speaker/amplifier configurations in which the characteristics of the amplifier and subwoofer are optimally matched. As a side benefit, all a powered subwoofer needs is a line output from an amplifier. This arrangement takes a lot of the power load away from the amp/receiver and allows the amp/receiver to power the mid-range and tweeters more easily.

Front Firing, Down Firing & Passive Radiators

Front firing subwoofers employ a speaker that is mounted so that it radiates the sound from the side or front of the subwoofer enclosure. Down firing subwoofers, employ a speaker that is mounted so that it radiates downward, towards the floor. In addition, some enclosures employ an additional port, which forces out more air, increasing bass response in a more efficient manner than sealed enclosures. Another type of enclosure utilizes a passive radiator in addition to the speaker, instead of a port, to increase efficiency and preciseness. Passive radiators can either be speakers with the voice coil removed, or a flat diaphragm.

Surround Sound 101

To understand surround sound and how it works it makes it easier to compare it to stereo sound. With stereo sound, there are two speakers and sometimes a subwoofer depending on the set up. When a listener has only stereo sound, they hear music, voices, or background sounds from the same two channels also known as speakers. This means that even background noise that has been made to enhance a scene but not necessarily be the focus of the scene comes from the same direction at the same levels, thus making it hard to really experience everything the director intended you to.

Speaker placement is more important that you might think! Considerations such where to put the speakers must taken seriously. Placing speakers in a cabinet might not seem bad to you, but the truth is, where you put them, and place them truly matter. When you put speakers or subwoofers into a cabinet that hasn’t been specially designed for that purpose you run the risk of muffled sound. Another important item to make note of… surround sound speakers need to be placed in very specific areas in order to produce the 360-degree sound experience…

Episode® Signature Speakers 1700 Series

Expand your sound with home cinema speakers from Episode. With the Episode Signature 1700 Series, audiophiles will have something new to talk about. Perfect for multi-room audio, home theater, and beyond, the 1700 Series is comprised of the highest-quality materials to ensure durability and incredible sound. Episode’s 1700 series speakers feature forward-set woofers to deliver a powerful punch to your bass, an adjustable silk dome tweeter which will allow you to direct sound where you want it, an elliptical tweeter to evenly spread your frequencies to wider range and a one-piece thin-bezel grille that keeps your speakers where they belong, out of sight. The premium speaker design in the Episode 1700 series line of speakers delivers clear natural acoustics and performance that will make watching movies and experience every time!