Surround Sound System

How To Setup Your System

A surround sound system has always been an integral part of enjoying the home theater experience. But, it’s one thing to want one, and another to build a really good surround sound system. That’s because systems vary greatly. From sound quality and speaker power to the number of connections available, not every surround sound system is the same. And, that’s because no two set ups are the same. In fact, there are a number of things one must consider, like the number of speakers, wiring, and bass just to name a few. Because no two rooms are alike and no two systems are the same, we offer you some insight on things you should consider before you add a surround sound system.

Surround Sound 101

Whether you are looking to re-create the movie theater experience in your living room, or simply want to optimize your sound. The key to building a good surround sound system is about your speaker placement and AV equipment. In fact, because speaker placement influences everything, what you don’t want to do is get it wrong! Because if you place your speakers in the wrong spot you run the risk of muffled sound. Where you place your TV, speakers, and AV equipment, ALL MATTER! For this reason, we offer some insight on speaker placement.

Speaker Placement

Speaker placement can be defined as a way to use both the home’s environment as well the speakers to optimize the sound. To create an optimal sound system, you should familiarize yourself with the role and position of each speaker (listed below). There should be a clear path between you and your speakers. Additionally, you can achieve a more balanced sound by minimizing bare walls and floors.

Left, Center, and Right Speakers (Role & Position)

The Left, center, and right speakers help sound follow action across your screen. Especially with music, dialogue, and special effects. Left and right speakers should be equal distances from both the screen and you.

Subwoofer (Role & Position)

The subwoofer delivers bass. This gives weight to movies, especially when watching action films. Because bass moves in all directions, the angle and location are flexible. Just be sure to avoid placing it in a corner. As it can lead to muddy sound.

Left & Right Surround Speakers (Role & Position)

Surround speakers create a lifelike sense of spaciousness. They also provide ambient sound within movies making feel as if you are actually there. Make sure to place the speakers to the sides of the seating area, ideally just above ear height.

Surround Sound Systems: 5.1, 7.1, 9.1 Setup

5.1 Setup

The most popular surround sound setup is 5.1.  A 5.1 surround sound setup is when three speakers are placed in front of you (left, right, center), two speakers behind you (right surround, left surround) with a subwoofer somewhere in the same room (for low frequency effects).

7.1 Setup

A 7.1 surround sound setup delivers a cinematic experience through seven speakers and a subwoofer. With two added levels of depth that is produced by a left rear and right rear speaker. These rear speakers add intensity to the audio experience by further localizing sound effects. Make sure to place them behind your seating area at an angle of 135° to 150° from the center.

9.1 Setup

The 9.1 surround sound setup delivers a cinematic experience through nine speakers and a subwoofer. Adding to the 7.1 setup, the 9.1 setup makes use of two front height channels. These front height speakers add a vertical dimension to surround sound listening. For optimal sound, place these speakers directly above the front left and right speakers (facing the listening position). And, for maximum effect, they should be at least three feet above the front speakers.

San Diego Home Theater Installation

No matter what type surround sound system you desire, Shultz Audio Video can provide the assistance you need to create an entertainment experience like no other. The key to a successful surround sound system installation project is working with the right company. Retrofitting older homes for a surround sound can be done, wires can be routed through your attic or walls and when necessary wires and cables can be run along the exterior of a home. Retrofit installations require thinking outside of the box. The type of thinking that sees beyond the missing wire and the low vaulted ceilings in your attic.

So, when you are ready add a surround sound system, look to Shultz Audio Video for the best solutions. Our products and installation services are backed with by our guarantee, to provide the very best products and services in San Diego. Our team is well versed in what it takes to re-create the experience we each have come to enjoy at the movie theater. Contact us by clicking the button below to fill out the contact for. Or, call us at (760) 505-7461. We have surround sound solutions to fit your lifestyle and your budget.