Music From the Indoors to the Outdoors

Music is a fundamental part of our lives, it moves and connects us in ways no other medium can. For some, music is an outlet, and for others, music is an expression. For most, music is something to be enjoyed; it enhances our senses and drives us in ways that might not come naturally. In the space between here and there, music makes us feel good. It lifts us up in times when we need it, and is the one true constant we can count on. So, why confine something so good to just the inside, when you can listen to it outside. For those looking to enhance the experience of listening to music, bring music to other rooms inside and outside your home with a whole house audio system.

Inside and outside and everywhere in between, a whole house audio system does not have to be expensive. Whole house audio systems also known, as multi-room or multi-zone audio is a way to have full control over how music plays throughout your entire home. While there are several methods and technologies to consider when it comes to distributing audio, it is important to understand just what you are getting. Wired, wireless, powered, or non-powered, choosing the right multi-room audio system can be intimidating. As such, we offer you some insight into building a high quality whole house audio system at an affordable price.

Whole House Audio & Multi Room Music Systems: How they Work

Whole house audio also known as multi room music systems can be thought of as a way to fill your entire home with music. Important to make note of, no two systems are alike. Home audio can be distributed via a single source single zone, single source multiple zone, or multiple source multiple zone. To make things a little easier to understand, here are the things to consider when selecting the whole house audio system that is right for you. Inside or outside here are the ways audio can be distributed:

Audio Distribution Possibilities:

  • Single Source, Single Zone: the single source, single zone audio system distributes audio to only one room from the same source
    • This is a basic system in that it only allows music in one room from one single source
    • Requiring one single amplifier to power speakers (one room only)
    • This type of system is very limited as it only allows one to enjoy music in one room
  • Single Source, Multiple Zone: the single source, multiple zone audio system distributes audio similar to the single source, single zone
    • Given that music is distributed from only one source, however
    • Unlike the single source, single zone system this system allows you to play the same music in multiple rooms
    • For this type of system to work properly
      • Separate volume controls are installed in each room
      • Allowing you to control the volume or
      • To simply turn the speakers on or off
      • Important to make note of, each volume control needs impedance matching to ensure the amplifier never gets overloaded
      • This system is also a bit limited in that while it does allow you to listen to music in more than one room
      • All rooms must play the same song (single source)
    • Multiple Source, Multiple Zone: for those looking to listen to music from any source inside or outside while also having the ability to play a different song in multiple places, this is the system for you
      • Start with one song where you dine then move it to the spa for a glass of wine with a different tune
      • The multiple source, multiple zone system is the most flexible and most advanced system for listening to music where you want and when you want
      • Different zones can select and control different audio sources independently of other rooms
      • Put simply…

Multiple Source, Multiple Zone

A multiple source, multiple zone system allows everyone in a home to play their type of music in a selected room or space, from whatever source they choose. They control their media as well as their volume for one or many areas depending on the situation. Let us break it down a bit more, sources also known as your media can be Spotify or XM Radio just to name a few, and a zone is a room or an area like your backyard.

With a multiple source, multiple zone audio system you can play a different song in every room or you can fill your indoor and outdoor space with some background music to set the mood. This type of system is the true meaning of whole house audio. Sound expensive? Don’t worry we have an affordable solution for you!

Enhance your Life with Music Everywhere…

When it’s Time to fill your Life with Music, Current Audio

Powering your multi-room music system is easy with Current Audio. A well-planned whole house audio system keeps music moving through your home, from the indoors to the outdoors. Power in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, subwoofers, outdoor speakers, or sound bars, with a complete sound system using Current Audio products, your whole house audio system will be a high quality affordable multi-room music system you can be proud of.

Current Audio AX-MINI4

Evolutionary four zone amplification like no other. With four powered zones expandable to 40 rooms, that deliver 15 watts per speaker from two internal streaming sources or two external analog sources, its distributed audio like you have not heard before. Play music stored on your mobile device via Wi-Fi and listen to Internet radio stations via TuneIn. Adjustable bass, treble, balance and loudness put you in control and can be customized from the webpage. Prepare to be spellbound in as many rooms as you want.


  • Built in streaming audio including TuneIn and Pandora
  • 4 Sources (2 streaming, 2 analog)
  • 15 Watts per channel @8Ω (4Ω capable)
  • Fully implemented UPNP server functionality
  • Output short circuit, thermal and hard clipping protection
  • Analog line in connection for local source playback
  • Remote balanced line in for playing a source with included remote balan insert
  • Expandable to 40 zones
  • Bass, treble, balance and loudness adjustments per zone
  • 2 keypad ports for local keypad control
  • Internal webpage with configuration
  • IOS and Android compatible via FREE app
  • Guest mode
  • Backward compatible, adding Ethernet connectivity and control to legacy systems
  • Ethernet interface
  • Static and DHCP network connections
  • Power Supply: 100 – 240VAC 50/60 HZ

Because it’s Time to fill your Life with Music…

Need Help Building An Outdoor Entertainment System?

Need help building and installing your Whole Home Audio System? We have whole house audio systems to fit your lifestyle and your budget. At Shultz Audio Video, we adapt our services to each client’s needs. We have built the solutions you need to create the home entertainment system you have always dreamed of, designed for the way YOU LIVE.

San Diego Audio Video

Technology can make life simple, with whole house audio you are in control of your home entertainment. Shultz Audio Video delivers whole house audio solutions for every lifestyle and budget. So, if you are ready to add the next level of entertainment with a multi-room audio system designed and installed to suit your needs as well as your budget, San Diego Audio Video company Shultz Audio Video. With a multi-zone audio system designed using Current Audio products we will deliver a solution that is right for you.