San Diego Audio Video

San Diego is the perfect place to enjoy an audio video system from the comfort of your own backyard. It’s time to take your entertainment, outdoors! With audio delivered by Episode Landscape Speakers and video delivered by a SunBriteTV, you’ll create a complete outdoor entertainment system that you can be proud of. So, grab some speakers a TV, and your sunglasses, and take your first step to owning the outdoors. Today there are a wide variety of outdoor speaker systems to choose from. From wired to wireless, to waterproof speakers mounted on your deck, bringing the music outdoors should be seamless.

Audio: Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor audio should not be an afterthought. So, whether your outdoor space is for barbecues, pool parties, or entertaining guests, having the right outdoor speakers can deliver sound that you will never forget. But, great sound shouldn’t come with hot spots. With traditional speaker installations outdoors, many even coverage is hard to achieve. But not anymore! In fact, because Episode Landscape Speaker solutions have a wide dispersion angle avoiding hot spots and angry neighbors is easy.

Episode Outdoor Speaker Solutions

Episode Landscape speakers are the closest thing to indestructible you will ever find. They can withstand extreme temperatures, from -20 degrees to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Constructed with UV-resistant thermoplastic, Episode Landscape speakers can handle years of abuse without fading. Episode Landscape speakers implement a polished design and subtle earth tones to fit seamlessly into any outdoor environment. The best part, there is a solution for in ground, on a tree, or underneath an eave. This ensures perfect placement every time.

Episode Landscape Speaker Kit

Four 6 Inch Satellite Speakers & 1,000 Watt Crown® Amplifier

Whether you are playing soft background music or rocking out on the patio, the Episode Landscape Series Kit is will bring stunning, discreet audio performance to your outdoor living space. Preconfigured DSP settings match the amplifier to the speakers and also offer completely customizable parameters to match your specific application. Mounting is as easy as choosing the right accessories to get the perfect placement for every speaker.

Episode® Landscape Series Satellite Speaker with 6 Inch Woofer

Episode® Landscape Series Satellite Speakers will seamlessly blend into any outdoor environment, minimizing visual impact and maximizing performance. Premium components deliver a full, natural sound and crystal-clear highs for a superior performance. Wide dispersion ensures a more uniform coverage area with fewer hot spots. And more versatility, a hidden tap switch allows the speaker to be configured for 70 V or 8-ohm systems.

Flexible Mounting Options:

On the ground, in a tree, or underneath an eave, this speaker can be easily mounted in a variety of places for perfect coverage and performance. The ½” threaded mount is designed to work with outdoor lighting accessories, Episode’s line of landscape speaker mounts.

Over Twice as Strong as Previous Design:

These speakers provide better support thanks to its stronger arm made of POM engineering thermoplastic, which has high stiffness, strength, and toughness due to its high crystallinity. Plus, it is water-resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures without compromising its mechanical properties.

Adjustable Volume at Every Speaker:

Regulating sound outdoors can be tricky! You do not want your speakers blasting behind an intimate seating arrangement, or playing at a low volume in far corners of your outdoor living space. When used in 70V mode, the Episode Landscape Series gives you adjustable volume control at every speaker. A rotary tap switch with 3.75W, 7.5W, 15W, and 30W settings allow you to dial in the perfect volume level everywhere.

Broad Coverage, Directed Sound:

These Landscape Speakers have been optimized to excel in the outdoors. They have a wide dispersion angle with 110 degrees of coverage, meaning you can place each one 25-30 ft. apart to blanket the entire space with even, incredible sound.


Want More Bass? We got you covered! Get increased performance and precision sound by adding an Episode® Landscape Series Burial Subwoofer to your speaker system. Equipped with a beefy 12” woofer, it hits the low notes underground for earthshattering performance. For aboveground sound, the Episode® Landscape Series Hardscape Subwoofer brings the boom. Whether it’s on the lawn or the deck, this powerful 10” sealed sub elevates every outdoor gathering.

Episode Landscape Series Burial Subwoofer

Take your outdoor sound system to the next level with this aesthetically pleasing burial subwoofer. With a beefy 12” woofer, it hits the low notes for a ground shaking performance. This high-excursion subwoofer features a burial-rated HDPE housing – so it’s sure to stand up to even the toughest conditions – and it has an elegant, earth-tone dome that blends seamlessly into any outdoor design.

Discreet Appearance, Amazing Performance:

OK, so when you take this 62 LB beast out of the box “discreet” probably won’t be the first term that comes to mind. But that’s because everything gets buried underground, with only the ported “mushroom” coming up for air. This means you can add a powerful subwoofer to any landscaping without it being visible or taking up precious patio space.

Buried Treasure:

Just because this subwoofer is designed to be buried doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be built with top-shelf components. Episode’s engineers took the same care and attention to detail with its design as they do with their home theater subs. Powerful 12” Driver
Band-pass design delivers pounding bass thanks to a high power 12” Mica-filled polypropylene woofer with stitched NBR Surround, oversized 2.5″, 4-layer voice-coil, vented pole piece and an 80oz ferrite magnet. Translation – WOW!

Computer Optimized Port:

The precision engineered, flared port reduces air turbulence and port noise to deliver all the tight, deep bass you want – without the vibrations and rattles that you don’t. Low-Heat Design
Unlike many competitive products, Episode’s inverted band-pass design puts the woofer’s “motor” (the voice coil and magnet) on the ported side of the cabinet. This provides a constant flow of fresh air, which keeps things cool for trouble-free performance.

Built to Survive Mother Nature:

To get a performance that lasts a lifetime – underground – you have to pay special attention to the materials used. For the cabinet, Episode’s engineers selected 5/8” high-density polyethylene (HDPE) – this is the same stuff municipal water systems use so you know it will stand the test of time.

Episode® Landscape Series Hardscape Subwoofer

Want that earthshaking outdoor subwoofer sound but can’t put it underground? Meet the Episode Landscape Series Hardscape Subwoofer. In the lawn or on a deck or patio, this powerful sealed sub brings the boom to your outdoor parties. This fully weatherproof sub features a tough HDPVC enclosure and a hidden 10” mica-filled polypropylene cone for exceptional sound.

Video: Outdoor TV – Safety First

While there is still much debate over brining the TV outdoors, let us tell you why. Indoor TVs are not meant for outdoor use. In fact, indoor TV manufacturers specifically prohibit outdoor use (just check your manual). So, what’s the answer? We are getting to that!


Do not settle for poorly made imitations, SunBriteTVs is the only true outdoor TV. SunBriteTV are built specifically for the outdoor environment. In fact, it’s the only true all weather outdoor TVs. SunBriteTV have a reputation for toughness and durability that last for years even in the harshest of climates.