Project Description

Client: Hooters

Location: Plaza Del Rio Mission Valley, CA

Challenge: Hooters needed a way to create an impact on their patrons. Ultimately they wanted to gain the reputation of being a place where patrons came to enjoy the ambiance, eat great food while having an immersive audiovisual experience, that allowed guest to enjoy sporting events.

Solution: Create an Immersive Sports Bar Audio, Video, System

The System Solution:

TVs: Installed 50 New 55 Inch 4K TVs.

Video Sources: 12 Direct TVs allowing Hooters to run up to 12 video sources simultaneously, covering multiple games and other events.

Earth Shaking Sound: 27 Speakers

ZeeVee System: Installed an HDbridge3000 which provides a highly flexible, incredibly reliable, and simple to use solution for delivering HD and SD video simultaneously over RF and IP networks, controlled from one iPad.

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