Hooters in Mission Valley, CA

Hooters Sports Bar

Known for their famous chicken wings, Hooters Sports Bar is an establishment that attracts the attention of many. From multiple TVs indoors and outdoors to watch football, UFC, or basketball, to be successful and stay successful a sports bar like Hooters must have all the latest AV technologies. Scoring the loyalty of sports enthusiasts is an intricate balance of many things. And, it is no secret that one of the main attractions for any sports bar during an event is TV and sound. In fact, if a sports bar wants to be everyone’s go to spot for games and events, making sure their guest can enjoy the full experience should be the goal for any owner. And, it goes without saying the bigger the better, and you will win the hearts of many. So, for any sports bar owner who wants to promote a watch it live here event, make sure you have the latest audio video technologies available.

Getting Ready for the BIG EVENT…

Mayweather VS. McGregor

Getting Ready for the BIG EVENT

Hooters in Mission Valley, CA had a goal, to become the place for the best live viewing of Mayweather VS McGregor as well as other sports games and big events. Getting ready for the up and coming Mayweather VS McGregor fight was not an easy feat. Hooters in Mission Valley, CA had a lot of work to do. From upgrading to the latest AV technologies to creating an immersive audiovisual experience, Hooters needed a complete overhaul to their entire system.

In the modern world, people want entertainment no matter where they go. The sports bar industry is a highly competitive market. Fall behind in keeping up with entertainment technology and one might as well kiss their reputation goodbye. In this industry, the name of the game is bigger better audiovisual technology. It is simple mathematics. Distribute any number of games to every TV, and you have the perfect way to provide high quality engaging entertainment.

The sum results, sports bars sell more food, more drinks, and promote loyalty towards their establishment. Hooters knew if they took the time to transform their establishment into the place to go for the Mayweather VS McGregor event by creating the ultimate viewing experience, it would have everyone talking. The end goal for Hooters, play Ultra HD video from a variety of sources on multiple flat screen TVs inside and outside, while having the ability to control everything from one simple interface.

Hooters, San Diego

Hooters Before AV Transformation

Before the audiovisual transformation, Hooters in Mission Valley, CA had old bulky TVs, disorganized wiring, an outdated AV system, and poor quality projectors. They had numerous different brands of displays and projectors to entertain their patrons. The speakers they had were small making it impossible to provide high quality sound to every seat. There was exposed wire everywhere. Tangled cords and poor quality sound are not what make people loyal to an establishment. With this in mind, we offer you the audiovisual transformation of Hooters completed by Shultz Audio Video.

Watch It Live…

Hooters After

Client: Hooters

Location: Plaza Del Rio Mission Valley, CA

Challenge: Hooters needed a way to create an impact on their patrons. Ultimately they wanted to gain the reputation of being a place where patrons came to enjoy the ambiance, eat great food while having an immersive audiovisual experience, that allowed guest to enjoy sporting events.

Solution: Create an Immersive Sports Bar Audio, Video, System

The System Solution:

TVs: Installed 50 New 55 Inch 4K TVs.

Video Sources: 12 Direct TVs allowing Hooters to run up to 12 video sources simultaneously, covering multiple games and other events.

Earth Shaking Sound: 27 Speakers

ZeeVee System: Installed an HDbridge3000 which provides a highly flexible, incredibly reliable, and simple to use solution for delivering HD and SD video simultaneously over RF and IP networks, controlled from one iPad.

Audio Visual Installation San Diego

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