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Security at home is important to help keep you and your family safe and secure. When it comes to you, your family, and your home ease of mind comes from knowing you have the best home security solution available. Whether you are restless and forgetful with your nightly routine or have a family that is constantly on the move, you need to ensure your home security system gives you the ability to lock doors remotely, or see what’s going on in our outside your home anytime, from anywhere. With the right smart home automation solutions, you can save time, money, and yourself the stress that comes from worrying about the safety of your home and family. Smart homes provide the vital home security you need to have the ease of mind that comes from knowing your family and your home are safe.

From the time, you leave for work to settling down in front of the TV with the family after dinner, smart home automation security controls will allow you to control your surroundings right from the couch. Never worry about whether or not you closed the garage door, or locked the front door, with the right smart home security solution, you can secure your home the way you want without ever having to leave your seat. No matter where you are even when on a family vacation, smart home controls allow you to control and monitor your home. Keep your home safe, and your family safe with smart home security solutions designed to secure your home, when you need to no matter where you are.

With a Single Tap, you can put your Whole House to Bed…

Security Concerns that Smart Home Automation Can Fix

If you are like many, there has been a time when you wondered if the doors were locked after you were already in your nice warm bed. For some, they may take their chances because the thought of having to get out of bed, get dressed, just to check if all the doors are locked is just too inconvenient. And, while this may sound crazy, the truth is it happens. Even if you are the type to get out of bed to check if your doors are locked and the garage door is closed; what if there was a way to do all this from the comfort of your bed? There are many security concerns that smart home automation helps you with. With this in mind, we offer you some insight.

Locking Doors & Closing the Garage:

  • Can’t remember if you locked the doors or closed the garage before you or went to bed?
  • Say goodbye or goodnight and secure your home with a single tap (or voice command)
  • Never worry about whether your garage door is open or your doors are locked again
  • Smart home security allows you to automatically close the garage, and lock doors from a single tap from an app
  • Lock your doors and close the garage quickly, easily, from anywhere, anytime
  • Don’t lose sleep or get out of bed, know that your doors are securely locked

Losing Your Keys: stop handing out copies of your keys, and never worry about carrying them again

  • Assign each person a special code that you can activate and deactivate access to whenever you want
  • Customize your home to lock and unlock with unique codes
  • Never be embarrassed by your neighbors seeing you break into your own home again
  • Create virtual spare keys with smart door locks
  • Unlock your door from anywhere and provide access to family members, friends, or guests whenever you want
  • Customize your home to unlock the front door with the push of a button

What is Smart Home Automation?

With such a vast number of smart home solutions available, a common concern is deciding which smart home products to invest in. The truth is, smart home automation can be daunting and confusing. To make things simple, smart home automation is a broad category of setting up just about any task in your home, from complex to simple ones. Smart home automation can save you time, money, while allowing you to simplify you life in so many ways. And, the best place to start is with your home security. Smart home security gives you the ability to lock a door remotely, see who is in your home, as well as all of the traditional services you would expect from a home security system. Such as notifying authorities, checking for a smoke or gas leak, and keeping a video record of potential issues.

Smart Home Security

From the time, you leave your home for work or socializing, to settling in at home after dinner with the family, smart home security and automation controls your surroundings exactly the way you like and monitors for unwanted activity. Notifications can alert you if your security system is armed, if your doors are locked, and garage is closed. Create Scenes and automations to secure your home automatically! Stay in complete control and know when something is happening around your home.

Discover The Best Ways To Be Safe and Secure…

Clare Controls Mobile Screen

Clare Controls

Experience the ultimate in home security and comfort with Clare Controls. Welcome to your new smart and secure home.

  • Remote and Local Access: control your smart and secure home from your mobile device with the free ClareHome App
  • Custom Notifications: get a push notification, text, or email if anything changes at home
  • Simple Schedules: schedule just about anything: thermostats, lighting, security, and more
  • One-Touch Scenes: Going to bed? One button press to adjust the thermostat, turn off the lights, arm the security, and lock the door
  • Flexible Monitoring Programs: multiple security monitoring options

Safe and Secure

Easily know if someone is at your front door or if there is activity in the home. Protect your family and get notifications when a door or window is opened.

  • Easily know when kids are home
  • Monitor status of security from home or away
  • Know when invited or uninvited guests enter your home
  • Flexible monitoring options

Key Components: smart sensors, indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, security sirens, water leak sensors, and more…

Convenient Access

Grant access to friends and family from anywhere, anytime. Put your house to sleep – lock the doors, close the garage, arm the system, and turn off lights.

  • Unlock your home remotely
  • Illuminate your entry when the front door is unlocked
  • Experience piece of mind by knowing your garage door is closed at night
  • Never miss a moment: view live and recorded camera footage on your phone

Key Components: smart door locks, garage door module, smart light switch, smart light dimmer, and more…

Feel Safe, Worry Less, Home Security Made Simple…

Clare Video Doorbell

Monitoring, Video Doorbell

Never miss a visitor again with the Clare Video Doorbell. Introducing the Clare Video Doorbell. Featuring a built-in microphone and speaker, you can stay connected with guests and view live and recorded video footage using the free ClareVision+ App. Receive notifications and alerts when motion is detected or if there is suspicious activity. The Clare Video Doorbell is simple, secure, and always monitoring.

  • Access to HD video from anywhere, anytime with NO MONTHLY FEES
  • No batteries, utilizes existing doorbell wiring
  • Works stand-alone or with NVRs and cameras
  • True day/night modes with infrared night vision
  • 2-Way audio communication
  • Easily communicate with crystal-clear 2-way audio
  • HD 1080p live & recorded video resolution
  • Outstanding HD 1080p live and recorded video

Smart, simple, secure, and always monitoring the Clare Video Doorbell…

Yale Smart Lock

Access, Yale Smart Lock

The Yale fully motorized automated deadbolt provides increased home security and convenience and are available in keyed touchscreen, key free touchscreen, and key free push button versions. The Yale Real smart lock opens the door to a new level of security and convenience. Each smart lock is equipped with an illuminated keypad for easy daytime and nighttime entry. Yale Real Living touchscreen deadbolts are equipped with the allure of a true capacitive touchscreen. Simply wake the lock with a touch and enter your password to enter your home.

The Yale motorized deadbolt can be integrated with the Clare Controls systems. A goodnight command, for instance, could arm the security system, turn off the lights, and lock the doors.

  • Add increased home security and convenience
  • Personalized entry codes
  • Illuminated touchscreen and keypad for night time access
  • For use on all standard interior and exterior doors

Never worry about carrying around, or losing, keys again. Lock and unlock your home with ease using these touchscreen and push button deadbolts…

Smart Home Security Installation Contractor

Everyone wants a secure home, but not everyone understands how to go about making their home safe and secure. Essential for any home is the use of smart home security systems to increase safety, protect your family, and monitor activity on your property. At one time, home automation was something reserved for those that can afford it. Today, it’s more accessible and much more affordable then you might think. As a homeowner, you want a system designed for your needs. Discover how Shultz Audio Video can help you make the smartest choice for your family and your home.

Arm your home from anywhere, spot trouble from a mile away, or a thousand miles away, keep your friends close, and the intruders locked out. Never wonder if you’ve left your garage door open again, and make it seem like your home when you’re not, what ever your home security needs, Shultz Audio Video can get you there. Contact us today and let us help you secure your family and your home (760) 505-7461.