Security Control Panel

San Diego homeowners do you want a better a security control panel? 2GIG Edge is the answer! With a 2GIG Edge getting better home security is easier than ever. That’s because it takes advantage of technology that enables touchless disarm and built-in face recognition and analytics within the panel itself. This means private data stays private for greater peace of mind. But, that’s not the only cutting edge features it offers. It also offers smart home capabilities which means, you’ll be able to control and manage your home automation devices and compatible security camerasvideo doorbells and more.

The secret is in the edge processing technology. Unlike a traditional security system control panel, the 2GIG Edge offers cutting-edge enhancements such as doubling the viewing area, higher resolution and 2-way voice communication. So, if you are looking for the best home security this self-contained smart home and security control panel takes home protection to a whole new level. With this in mind, we offer some insight on how it does that.

2GIG EDGE Face Recognition

Face Recognition

Touchless convenience Integrated face recognition and Bluetooth technologies significantly streamline operation – no putting down grocery bags to disarm the system.

2GIG EDGE Live View Video

Live View Video

Cameras and doorbell cameras work with the 2GIG EDGE panel, with up to 8 different camera feeds viewable directly from the panel. View 4 camera feeds at a time.

2GIG EDGE Smart Areas

Smart Home Capabilities

Ability to customize with controls, rules, scenes, and notifications. Z-Wave 700 series supports large ecosystem of devices. Voice control through Google Assistant, Amazon Echo and Siri Shortcuts.

Face Recognition

We are thrilled to announce we now offer the 2GIG EDGE™ security and automation panel. This is a game-changing security system that combines touch less, secure biometric face recognition with revolutionary edge analytics and artificial intelligence. The result is a panel that blazes new trails in convenience, privacy, and total home protection.

With the 2GIG EDGE system you can take advantage of fast and secure biometric disarm via face recognition. This means, without touching any buttons on the panel itself, you can reliably disarm it. And, you’ll no longer need to remember user codes. That’s because the panel uniquely identifies you (the user) and only you to grant access.


Live View Video

The Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) is the global standard for how video surveillance products communicate over an IP Network. ONVIF ensures IP Cameras from hundreds of manufacturers interoperate with other solutions on your IP network, including home security panels. The 2GIG EDGE panel also makes it easy for to connect any ONVIF-compatible cameras (e.g., doorbell cameras) that you already have installed or plan to add. The best part, the panel provides a consolidated view of the live feeds from connected ONVIF devices. In fact, up to eight feeds can be connected, and four may be streamed simultaneously, directly on the 2GIG Edge panel.

Security Control Panel

Smart Home Capabilities

The panel allows users to seamlessly connect to cameras, doorbell cameras and directly view video in real time from up to eight different camera feeds. Further increasing security and data privacy, encrypted sensors and devices help eliminate system hacks and prevent account take-overs. Plus, we can customize the panel to your personal needs with controls, rules, scenes, notifications and Smart Areas™ zone partitioning. It is truly a next-generation platform that can scale and expand to meet your future needs.

San Diego Home Security Installation Services

Home security is more important than ever. Today, a break-in occurs every 26 seconds. And, studies have shown homes without security systems are 300% more likely to be broken into and burglarized. In fact, when compared to an unprotected home, a home with a security system is 90% less likely to be targeted by a burglar.

Percentage of Home Invasions by Room/Area (The zebra, 2021):

  • 9% of burglars use the garage door as their access point.
  • 22% of break-ins happen through the back door.
  • 2% of burglars attempt to gain entrance through the second floor.
  • 81% of home robberies begin on the first floor.
  • 9% of burglars gain access in the basement.
  • 23% of burglars enter a home through a window.

We understand that the most important service we can offer to you is to protect the security of your family and your home. To us, this means more than just installing a home security system, with Shultz Audio Video you can be assured that your home is monitored and secure, no matter how far you may be from home (day or night). Give yourself and your family the peace of mind they deserve. Call us today to schedule your free in-home security assessment (760) 505-7461.