Stealth Acoustics Invisible Speakers

Stealth Acoustics

Today’s interior designers  demand great sound and great looks delivered by a high-performance home theater system that blends seamlessly with the home’s environment ensuring there is no comprising the home’s aesthetics. Which is why, the invisible speakers by Stealth Acoustics are the perfect solution for a completely hidden home theater system.

But, achieving a balance between home décor and sound is an integration art. Aside from this, you also need the right speaker technology. Thankfully, Stealth Acoustics Invisible speaker solutions offer a line of loudspeakers that completely disappear. With this in mind, we offer some insight on what they have to offer.

Stealth Acoustics: Invisible Speakers LR4G

The Stealth Acoustics Model LR4G is a two panel, in-wall, or in ceiling speaker that becomes completely invisible. This creates an active area surrounded by a stable mounting perimeter. The model utilizes a separate panel for the low frequency driver to maximize clarity and reduce intermodulation distortion.


Stealth Acoustics: Invisible Subwoofer B30G

The Stealth Acoustics Model B30G is a two-panel monaural subwoofer speaker system that becomes completely invisible after installation. Ideal for any surround sound or whole-house audio system that needs extra bass output, each B30G panel incorporates two acoustically coupled, high-quality, high-power 8” (203 mm) cone woofers.


  • Home Theater Systems
  • Surround Sound Systems
  • Whole House Audio Systems
  • Added Base for Foreground Music
  • Added Base for Background Music

Stealth Acoustics: Subwoofer Amplifier 255R

The Stealth Acoustics SA255 is a monaural subwoofer amplifier/crossover system designed as a low distortion power source for Stealth Acoustics invisible subwoofer panels or other unpowered subwoofers. Intended for whole house audio or home theater bass applications. The SA255 may stack with other components or mount in a standard 19” equipment rack. The SA255 delivers a solid 250 watts into an 8Ω load and 350 watts into 4Ω. A variable low pass, 18db per octave filter allows for multiple crossover points from 50Hz to 100Hz.