Tech-Less Living Rooms

Tech-Less Living Rooms

Tech-less living rooms, a trend that emerged in 2016, will continue to be a main focus for interior designers throughout 2017. The fact is, tech filled homes are not going anywhere, but this year, more and more interior designers will being asked to create environments that are unplugged and tech free. The idea of tech-less living spaces has shaken up the interior design world, for this reason, it is important for an interior designer to have the tools necessary to facilitate environments that are tech-free.

Undoubtedly, not all homes will have enough space to create one room that is completely tech-free. Consequently, interior designers must still have the ability to keep up with the trend of creating tech-less living spaces without sacrificing home technology itself. Homes that compliment one’s life are also filled with technology. This in itself presents a paradox for interior designers in that, how does one balance the need of integrating the technology needed in a home without compromising style, form, or function?

Tech-Less Living Spaces & The Possibilities

How can a home include the simple enjoyment of movies and music everywhere and at the same time not be seen by the naked eye? Is there a way for an interior designer to fulfill the needs of their clients to have a tech-less living space while also having the ability to keep a home’s technology intact? The answer is yes, with the right products and solutions, you can create a seemingly unplugged space and still include the luxuries that today’s home technology delivers.

Picture Perfect Sound, Without Compromising Style

Picture Perfect Sound by Leon Speakers

Picture perfect sound, the driving force, and reason why Leon Speaker Corporation exists today. The artistic vision and manufacturing process has and will continue to reshape the way people experience culture. Benchmade American Audio, their vision, to mix art with audio and design with technology. Noah Kaplan President and Founder explains:

At Leon, we mix art with audio and design with technology. We’re a group of artists, designers, engineers, and craftsmen who are dedicated to producing the finest quality benchmade American audio. For almost 20 years, we’ve been meticulously handcrafting a full palette of custom speakers, sound sculptures, and audiovisual treatments, all designed and manufactured in the US. (LEON, n.d.).

At Leon, they live for sound, and their mission has and always will be, to bring music to more people and more spaces. They do this by, crafting custom-tailored high-fidelity audio platforms merged with elegant design and treatments that are the perfect compliment to a home’s décor. They call it, media décor.

Tech-Less Living Rooms

What is Media Décor?

The Media Décor Series is an elegant collection of media concealment solutions that transforms any TV or speaker into an artistic focal point. From inspiration to fabrication, their team of designers, engineers, and craftsmen will collaborate on each individual project to custom-tailor audiovisual treatments that perfectly complement a home’s décor. With an exclusive selection of frames, extensive galleries of curated artwork, and a multitude of custom options to choose from. Leon’s collection of Media Frames, Moving Art Screens, Art Lifts, and Tonecase create compelling, beautiful, and customized entertainment environments.

Leon Speakers

Whether watching favorite movies with breathtaking, cinema-like sound, or casually listening to favorite music is one of your clients’ many needs, Leon’s Certified Systems have been finely tuned to provide balanced sound throughout the entire home.

The Palette of Products:

Horizon Series: Custom Soundbars Built to Match ANY TV

  • Leon’s Horizon Series soundbars are custom built to exactly match the width and finish of any TV. Each speaker features up to 3-channels to provide high-fidelity audio with a discreet aesthetic, perfect for any system.

Profile Series: On-Wall/Sidemount Speakers

  • Leon’s Profile Series speakers are custom built to exactly match the height and finish of any TV. Each cabinet features high performance woofers and world-class tweeters to provide spectacular sound quality for any sound system.

Timbre Series: Bookshelf Speakers

  • Simple elegance with pure quality using the finest bench made components, select hardwoods and handcrafted cabinets. Perfect for use as front speakers in a small home theater, standalones for music, or as surround speakers in a larger home entertainment center.

Vault Series: In-Wall Speakers

  • Leon’s benchmade Vault in-wall speakers can be used to create high-performance theater systems or as rear channels to complement the Horizon or Profile Series speakers.

Axis Series: In Ceiling Speakers

  • Premium in-ceiling speakers with square or circle grills that can be custom painted in-house to match any color. Perfect for distributed audio, surrounds or main speakers in a Living Space Theater system.

Detail Series: On-Wall Surround Speakers

  • Leon’s compact Detail surround speakers are handcrafted and sonically matched to their front soundstage speakers, offering a full 5-channel high-fidelity audio experience in any room.

Aaros Series: Subwoofers

  • Leon’s Aaros Series subwoofers provide uncompromising bass with refined, musical tonality. Perfectly suited for multipurpose living rooms or larger home theaters.

Boundary: Outdoor Speakers

  • Experience outdoor audio like never before with the completely redesigned Boundary Series. Custom built from durable aluminum, and finished with a robust coating, the Boundary Series was formulated to deliver stunning sound while withstanding the elements.

Media Décor: Designer Solutions for Home Entertainment

  • Tonecase for SONOS: Leon’s all new Tonecase® line brings Leon’s renowned sense of customization and style to any Sonos® speaker, including PLAY:1®, PLAY:3®, PLAY:5® and PLAYBAR®.
  • Edge Media Frame: Leon’s Edge Media Frame houses both the TV and speakers, offering the sleek look of a completely built-in, recessed unit. Custom-crafted based on the exact TV dimensions.
  • Moving Art Screens: Leon’s Moving Art solutions completely conceal TVs up to 100” with high-quality, custom printed artwork and frames. Available in several models, including recessed and surface mounted configurations: Elite, Allure and Illusion
  • Moving Art Lifts: Leon’s ultra-silent electronic sliding lifts move original art, mirrors or panels to conceal and reveal any display. Available in several configurations: Horizontal, Vertical and Dual Eclipse.
  • Fine Art & Frames: Whether you’re looking for contemporary, abstract or more traditional artwork, Leon’s in depth galleries have plenty of options to choose from.

Tech-Less Living Rooms

Your Artistic Vision, Fulfilled…

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