Leon Speakers

Leon Speakers

Leon Speakers, maker of custom loudspeakers, delivers refined listening experiences through the products they create. Infused with art, music, history, and technology, their speakers are built with intention. Undeniably, that intention is to personalize every listening experience. Beyond picture, perfect sound Leon Speakers is more than just a speaker manufacture. Art, design, and technology permeate every inch of the speakers they build. As a result, high-fidelity audio solutions are delivered through artistic masterpieces that blend seamlessly with any environment.

Inspirational as they are functional, Leon Speakers are among the finest audio products available on the market. So, if you are a true audiophile or simply the serious hi-fi loving type, the speakers Leon designs can be custom tailored just for you. Form over function or function over form, these speakers are not to be compared to any other. Music, movies, or anything in between, it is time to welcome your home, your family, and your friends to the experience of true high-fidelity sound. With this in mind, we offer you some insight into Leon Speakers high performance audio solutions.

The True Hi-Fi in Sound…

Leon Speakers

Serious Sound for the High-Fidelity Lover

Believe or not, you do not have to choose aesthetics over sound or the other way around. With the custom speaker solutions, Leon provides, each note, foreground, or background sound will be exquisitely delivered in a way that is true to what the artist or director intended. Watch movies, or listen to your favorite songs, everything you hear from a speaker designed by Leon will be an experience to be remembered.

If it was their mission we believe, Leon Speakers aim is to bring the music and movies you watch or listen to, come to life. And, when that happens, music is felt in a way that moves you, and movies are experienced in a way that draws you in. For serious high-fidelity sound, Leon Speakers, it is that simple.

Leon Speakers

Custom Audio by Leon Speakers

Picture Perfect Sound is Leon Speakers. Balance by Design is their mission, and their vision, to mix art with audio, and design with technology. Leon Speakers is an American manufacturer of custom audiovisual solutions. For the last 20 years, the teams of artists, designers, engineers, and craftsmen have meticulously handcrafted a line of custom media and treatments to deliver picture perfect sound. Power, performance, and flexibility custom tailored for you.

What sets Leon apart is the fact that all of their products are made by hand, custom tailored for you. Whether it’s designing a system that needs to blend in, or one that aims to standout, the products they build are beautiful, meaningful, and built to last.

Custom Solutions for ANY Space

  • CUSTOM DIMENSIONS: any speaker cabinet built to your exact specifications (height, width and depth restrictions vary with driver sizes)
  • CUSTOM GRILLS: custom grills available to match the contour of many TVs, including accommodations for logos, IR sensors, etc.
  • CUSTOM FINISHES: custom colors and wood finishes are available. Include paint code, color swatch, or wood sample
  • CUSTOM ANGLES: aimed baffle (up to 10°) for over-mount or high/low placements
  • CUSTOM IN-WALLS: convert Horizon or Profile Series speakers to in-walls with a custom flange and metal grill
  • COMPLETELY CUSTOM: one-off custom pieces built to your exact specifications

Custom Tailored Audio Perfection, Made Just for YOU

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