TV Mount TV Installation San Diego

What You Need To Know

TV Mount TV Installation San Diego

TV mount, an item you never want to cheap out on. TV installation is about knowing which TV mount to use, and more importantly how to use it. The most common issues when buying TV mounts are getting the wrong mount for the application, and improper installation. Making the mistake of buying the wrong TV mount or installing a TV improperly have the same result, the TV falls off the wall resulting in damages. While everyone is looking to save a little money, buying the wrong TV mount can end up costing you money.

A TV mount can make your home look stylish, save space and ensure the most optimal viewing angle no matter where you are in the room. The truth is, your flat screen TV does not have to be an eye sore. With today’s TV wall mount bracket solutions you can get as creative as you want, that is, if you choose the right TV installation contractor to get the job done. So, hang it over the fireplace, drop one down from the ceiling, or have it mounted flush with the wall, the possibilities are only as endless as your imagination.

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TV Installation 101

The two most overlooked and often never considered items in the TV installation process are placement and viewing angle. Ideally, your eyes should be level with the middle of your screen if you want your experiences to be pleasant. The placement of your TV is one of the most important things to take into consideration. If you mount your TV, what you do not want to do is mount it so high that you have to look up. When the a TV is mounted to high it can result in neck and shoulder discomfort. When mounting your flat screen TV you want to consider the size of the TV, the size of the room, and where you will be sitting to ensure you are mounting your TV in just the right spot.

During the buying process, many individuals never consider the viewing angle. In simple terms, TV viewing angle is defined by the maximum angle at which a TV can be viewed without losing brightness or experiencing color shifts. Ideal viewing is or can be defined as, watching TV directly in front of your TV screen, at eye level. If the viewing angle is not right and has thus moved off center, either vertically or horizontally, TV picture quality will begin to decrease, the screen will dim, and colors will fade.


Wall Mounts: Types and Things to Consider

TV wall mounts offer a way for you to seamlessly blend your home audiovisual systems with the décor of your home. It reduces clutter; saves space and can dramatically enhance your view.

Mounting Solutions:

  1. Low Profile TV Mount:

    • Mounts attach nearly flush to the wall.
    • Defines the sleek thin lines of a flat screen TV.
    • Recommended when your flat screen TV can be positioned at a fixed height and seating is within the optimal viewing angle range.
  2. Tilting TV Mount:

    • Tilt up or down for a better viewing area from your seating area or your bed.
    • For use when multiple viewing angles are desired.
    • Recommended when reflections from your windows or your lighting interferes with TV viewing.
    • Improves viewing angle, reduces glare and increases viewing angle options.
  3. Articulating TV Mount:

  • Mount folds flat against the wall or can extend out up to 12”.
  • Adjustments and viewing angles vary product to product but here are some of the various adjustments you can make with this type of wall mount.
    • Extension: the TV can be pulled away from a wall in the horizontal plane.
    • Pan (Swivel): the TV can be turned left or right from a central pivot point in a horizontal plane.
    • Tilt: the flat screen TV can be angled up or down in a vertical plane.
    • Rotation (Roll): the TV can be turned in place similar to a car steering wheel used to level the screen.
  • Articulating mounts come in two different designs:
    • Single Arm
    • Dual Arm
    • Improves viewing angle, reduces glare and increases viewing angle options.
  1. Full Motion TV Mount:
    • The most flexible mounting solution available.
    • Extend, tilt, retract or swivel your flat screen TV in any and all directions you desire to achieve the perfect viewing angle from ANYWHERE in the room.
    • When multiple viewing positions are preferred.
    • Or when the room shape or window location makes it difficult to position the TV properly.
    • TV can be repositioned as often as you desire with smooth effortless motion.
    • Optimal for corner placement and offers more ways to save space while still offering the greatest range of motion.
    • This type of wall mount is great for those who have a TV 65” or larger in that it is controlled remotely. What’s more is you can set specific angles for when you come home, have a glass a wine or eat dinner. With the touch of a button your TV angles to the perfectly set viewing area based on your needs designed programmed uniquely for the way you live.
    • This mounting solution is the best possible choice for any household due to the versatility of a full motion TV mount.
    • Assurance that a proper viewing angle is achieved and available anywhere in a room.

Strong TV Mount

Strong™ VersaMount™ Single-Arm In-Wall Articulating Mount

Expand your experience with a custom TV mounting solution by Shultz Audio Video. The VersaMount™ is an in-wall mount that provides 14 inches of mount arm extension plus a sturdy box with ample space to house your AV equipment. The articulating arm makes it easy to access gear stored in the box – just swing it out, troubleshoot, and then snap it back into place. Load it up with Binary™ HDMI extenders, Episode® Mini Amps and sub kits, or other media devices for a clean and efficient space-saving solution.

Incorporated knockouts for power and wire management keep things neat and tidy, and as an added bonus, the VersaMount™ supports a wide variety of TV sizes and models. Included are TV mounting plates to accommodate VESA patterns from 100×100 to 400x 400. To top it all off, the VersaMount™ is compatible with the Compact WattBox™ so you can slide it right in and power all your gear without sacrificing precious space.

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TV Installation San Diego

The key to a successful TV installation and home entertainment system update project is working with the right company. Let Shultz Audio Video do a custom TV wall mount, surround sound system or sound bar installation for you. Whether it is above the fireplace or level with the wall we have the right solutions for every room.

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