Universal Remote Control

Universal Remote Control

Today’s technology has improved the way we enjoy our home entertainment. How we watch movies or listen to music is different for each of us. For some, home entertainment might mean having a family room surround sound and for others home entertainment might mean having a media room or a dedicated home theater. Regardless of which type of home entertainment set up you have homes today have many components for watching movies, playing games, listening to music, streaming media and so on… and as we continue enhance our home systems at some point we may find there is an overabundance of remotes and electronic clutter that drives us mad. So what is the answer?

Removing the Clutter

universal remote control system can make all of your electronics work together and provide one simple solution to control the things you want from anywhere… decluttering your home. Universal remotes like the MX-980 can replace every remote in your home so that you experience transparent device operation quickly and easily with the touch of a button. Switching to a universal remote will reduce the clutter of your remotes but if you really want to add a level of organization and neatness to your lifestyle while having the ability to control components in your entertainment cabinet or equipment closet… using an IR repeater kit is the only way to achieve this.

Too Many Remotes

Universal Remote and IR Repeater Systems

The MX-980 universal remote will give you the ability to control simple to complex system operations. With the MX-980 you can create as many new devices complete with icons and text to your remote control device programmed to do specific things like watch movie. Using an IR repeater system and a universal remote the watch movie command will turn on your flat screen TV, AV receiver, Blue-ray player and so on even if they are stored or hidden away.

An IR repeater system and universal remote have all the necessary elements to remotely operate and control all of your audio video components, make your electronics work together providing you with one simple solution to control anything you want from anywhere you want.

A basic example of how an IR Repeater Systems works:

  • IR Repeater System takes infrared light coming from your remote controller
  • Converts it to an electrical signal
  • That can be easily distributed over electrical wiring to one or more IR remote controllable components
  • Such as a Blue-ray player, AV receiver, display, media device, computer and so on.

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Universal Remote Control Services San Diego

Home Entertainment Technology enhances all the senses… by adding a universal remote and IR repeater system to your home… you control your experience with a single easy to use device in an environment that no longer has clutter. Let Shultz Audio Video be the Universal Remote Control Service Provider you need…

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