There is nothing more annoying than video playback problems when trying to stream a movie. Whether the issue is too many connected devices, slow Internet speed, or both if your video streaming’s slow buffering lag is beginning to drive you mad, this article is for you! Too much buffering could mean a slow Internet connection. This common form of buffering occurs when your Internet connection is too slow to stream a video in real time. When this is the case, the device you are using to watch the movie (smart TV, smartphone, iPad, cable box, etc.) will buffer the video data and start playback when there is enough to prevent video lag.

It May Be Time For An Upgrade

If you see this happening often, it might be time to upgrade your Internet speed, or get a new router (or both). Upgrading your router is especially important if you are not getting the download speeds as advertised by your Internet service provider (which is usually the case). For anyone looking for faster reliable Internet speeds at home, the throughput of data is important. This is the real-time effect of network speed in action.

To ensure you are getting the speeds you pay for, running an Internet speed test is important, we show you how to below.

Internet Speed Test

How to Test Your Internet Speed

Wondering if you are getting the Internet speed you are paying for? For anyone who is using the wireless router provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) you are not getting the speed you are paying for. The only time you may get the speed you are paying for is when you are right next to your wireless router. As an example take Spectrum, they advertise the fastest Internet speeds available starting at 60 Mbps up to 940 Mbps. Regardless of the company providing your Internet service, it is important to know if you are getting what you pay for.

So, here is how to perform an Internet speed test:

Where To Test:

How To Perform The Test:

  • No matter where you are testing from
    • The way to perform the test is the same
    • Simply click on start test and wait for your results
    • Make sure to test both your wireless and wired connections
Netflix Movie Buffering

Why Does Buffering Occur?

Buffering is what happens when you stream a video but it delays or even fully stops at certain points while you’re watching it. This occurs when the video has not fully downloaded (only segments of it have). If the streaming video reaches the point where it has to wait until more information is available, it will pause. Once the video stream catches up, it plays again. Put simply, the movie plays up to the point that has downloaded, and then it “buffers” until the next downloaded segment catches up with what you’re watching. That’s because Wi-Fi can be fraught with issues.

Common Problems

From dead spots and slow Internet connections to drops in the signal, which result in buffering when you’re watching a movie, issues like these are frustrating. Typically a slow or unreliable Wi-Fi network can be the cause of video buffering on streaming devices. Besides slow Internet speeds, dead spots are also common problems in home Wi-Fi networks. This happens because your router cannot get the Wi-Fi signal out to the far corners of your home where you have your wireless set top box and TV.

Speed Test Result

What Can You Do With Your Internet Speed?

The most overlooked reason that buffering occurs is Internet speed. Many people think they don’t need to upgrade their internet speed. However, if you are going to stream video content especially 4K you need faster internet! While you can get away with 20 Mbps for most streams. For an optimal streaming experience you should have 25 Mbps or higher. Below we show what you can do with your Internet speed. Keep in mind, this doesn’t take into account other devices in your house using bandwidth and fluctuations in your internet speed that you are actually getting from your Internet service provider. Remember, there are also several other factors that can affect your internet speeds, read this article for more information on that.

Diagram Showing How Much Internet Speed you Need

Kiss Buffering Goodbye

The best home network is one you never notice. Movies and music are best enjoyed uninterrupted, so we make sure our home networks deliver a fast and reliable connection with every use. And with Araknis, the days of resetting your device via paper clip are over, because we can implement regularly scheduled reboots to ensure your network is always up to speed. A smart network makes for a smart home. With Araknis, you’ll enjoy all the advantages of a business-grade network, right in your home. Our home networks provide the speed and dependability your family needs to effortlessly browse the web, stream music, play videos, and more!

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  • The Need For Speed: when it comes to networking, every second counts
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  • Iron-Clad Internet: an embedded firewall supports
    • Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)
    • Denial of Service (DoS) prevention
    • WAN Request Blocking
    • OpenVPN
      Content filtering
    • Its layers of network security make it harder for hackers to attack, so your private data stays safe
  • Reliable Connection: dual-gigabit WAN allows you to connect to two different ISPs (for example: TWC and Comcast), so you’ll never lose your connection in the case of service failure

Finally, a network that actually works…

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