Best WiFi Router

Best Wifi Router

Whether you are dealing with slow Internet speeds or WiFi dead zones, getting a new router can significantly improve your experience. That’s because, your WiFi router is responsible for handling all of the data that flows into (and out of) your house through your internet service provider. And, when it’s not performing, getting an even decent wireless Internet connection in your home can be nearly impossible.

The best WiFi router will cover your whole home, in a fast WiFi network, sending data where it needs to go to keep your Netflix movies streaming without a glitch. But, not every WiFi router performs that well. In fact, if you are using the one provided by your ISP, you’ll never get the speeds you are paying for! So, if you experience problems with dead spots or slow connections, it could be time for a new WiFi router, but not just any, the best WiFi router!

Is Your Router Out of Date?

Despite how important a WiFi router is to your home, it probably doesn’t get much attention. In fact, most people have routers that are at least a few years old, if not older. This is especially true if you are using the one that was provided to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The issue is, with each passing year, more connected devices join your home WiFi network, putting more and more stress on your outdated router. This often results in slow Internet speeds, and even more spotty WiFi. For this reason, it’s important to know what to look for when considering the best wifi router for your home. Because, like most people, you are probably due for an upgrade.

What Does A WiFi Router Actually Do?

  • A router is an access point
  • It’s a device that enables other devices to connect to the same WiFi network
  • WiFi travels through your router on radio bands that act like invisible highways
  • Each band is a different lane, keeping data on separate routes to avoid congestion
  • Because certain devices demand more bandwidth than others:
    • Your WiFi router’s efficiency depends on the number of bands it has
      • Single, dual, or tri-band

When Comparing WiFi Routers, What Should I Look For?

  • Network Management Apps: mobile app compatibility, allows you to remotely check in on your home Wifi network
  • QoS (or Media Prioritization): this feature gives you the ability to prioritize certain kinds of WiFi traffic
  • Ethernet Ports: allow you to connect your Ether-enabled devices to your home network with an Ethernet cable
  • Firewall: an embedded firewall helps keep your network secure
  • Throughput: for streaming services, the throughput performance for a high bandwidth network is critical


Bandwidth: is the maximum amount of data transmitted over an internet connection in a given amount of time.

Upgrade Your WiFi

Many people have the attitude that it doesn’t matter if their WiFi router is older and are happy to simply use the one that came with their Internet package. WiFi routers are the often ignored work horses of the home network. In fact, most people hardly pay any attention to them unless there is a problem. But, if you frequently have network-related congestion issues like slow speeds and connection drops, then it’s worth considering an upgrade. This is especially true if you want to blanket your entire home with WiFi that works (see eero WiFi).

If you want more devices to connect and stream simultaneously, without impacting speed or reliability to deliver the fastest WiFi to all of your connected devices today and tomorrow, anywhere in the home, upgrading your home network with the best WiFi router, switches, and wireless access points is very important. With the best WiFi router you will be able to handle more traffic so that bandwidth depleting activities, like 4K streaming, aren’t slowed down by less demanding ones, like your smart lightbulbs.

So if you’re looking for the best WiFi router and home network, we have just the right solution for you. A home WiFi network built with Araknis Networks solutions, is a network that will provide you with the best WiFi experience possible. With this in mind, we offer some insight on the solutions they offer.

WiFi Management

Araknis Networks

Araknis is your network ecosystem. Each product is crafted to work together with ease, making for a fast, reliable network that evolves with you. Trusted and reliable in any environment, Araknis products are expertly engineered to deliver best-in-class performance. Reliable systems, strong signals, and quick connections are at the heart of what makes an Araknis Network so incredible. Picture a home where complex equipment is seamlessly connected, and each piece of your home network delivers top speed and incredible performance, welcome to the right choice for your home networking needs, now and in the future.

Home Network Solutions

A well designed, robust, and stable network is the foundation of fast reliable WiFi. Araknis routers provide a high-speed connection that makes for a hassle-free network experience. Araknis Networks® understands the importance of modern, seamless connectivity, which is why they focus on one thing: making your network.


Araknis Networks 300-series routers include dual-Gigabit WANs that can be configured to load-balancing or link failover modes, extensive VPN support, and an embedded firewall for wide-ranging network security. With an Araknis router, high-traffic networks are handled with ease.

  • Dual WAN: dual-WAN allows you to connect your home network to two different ISPs (for example: TWC and Comcast) and have the WAN links configured either as load-balancing (i.e. active/active) or link failover (i.e. active/standby)
  • 4 Gigabit LAN: perhaps this router’s most useful feature is an embedded 4 Gigabit switch on the LAN side
    • It is used to connect the router to multiple switches in the network, or connect other devices to the router directly
    • Plus, the LAN side of the router supports full LAN-LAN Gigabit speed with Jumbo Frame support for better video streaming

Wireless Access Points (WAPs): 

Designed with you in mind, Araknis wireless access points provide industry-leading speed, coverage, and reliability. Plus, fast roaming capability allows for optimum performance in any environment. Home networks require a fast and reliable connection at all times. Which is why Araknis Networks® wireless access points are designed to keep your signal strong. Araknis WAPs were built with a focus on aesthetics, making this a product you will be proud to put in your homes. Equipped with just one LED on the side, Araknis WAPs provide an option that’s both good looking and discreet.

Network Switches: 

Support all your home network needs with a full line of professional-grade network switches. The entire Araknis switch family offers full Gigabit throughput, PoE/PoE+, and cloud management through OvrC to monitor and control your home network from miles away. Designed for both form and functionality, Araknis switches bring new life to home networks.

Network Controls: 

With WiFi access management, you can easily manage your home’s wireless devices. Easy-to-setup user profiles allow you to schedule and restrict WiFi access as you see fit. Or you can choose to limit child Internet access during dinnertime, bedtime, or anytime. With this feature, you’ll have the ability to group any number of wireless clients into a “profile” and the ability to revoke/grant WiFi access to those associated devices, either manually or on a schedule, all from the OvrC Pro App. Thus giving you much more control over how the Internet is being used at your home. As an example, you can revoke WiFi access to your kid’s table after 9pm to ensure they have gone to bed.

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Get Whole Home Wi-Fi from Certified WiFi Specialists

In today’s home, a fast reliable WiFi connection is vital. With so many devices using your home’s WiFi signal, from laptops and smartphones to video doorbells, smart locks and everything in between, it’s important that your wireless signal is strong, stable and secure. With the best WiFi router and custom home network built to suit your needs, you can finally get hyper fast, super secure WiFi to every room in your home.

Upgrade your home WiFi network today, with our home networking solutions, so you can stream shows while easily sharing music with all the devices in your home. Never lose your WiFi signal again while watching your favorite Netflix or Amazon Prime TV shows. Contact us today at  (760) 505-7461 to book your complimentary in-home WiFi assessment, or simply click on the button below to fill out the form.