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Control4 Intercom Anywhere is a powerful intercom feature that allows you to monitor and communicate easily with all intercom compatible devices. Send and receive high quality audio and video intercom calls from a Control4 door station, a touch screen, or your mobile phone. See and communicate with visitors at the front door or gate, when you are home, or away.

Not only is Control4’s Intercom Anywhere a great way to see who is at the front door before answering the call, it allows you to activate a home scene such as turning on all of your lights, or even unlocking your front door to let your friends in when they have arrived.

Even better, with the ability to activate home scenes, you can also quickly activate alerts such as sounding an alarm, locking all your doors, or turning on all of your interior and exterior lighting if a suspicious character shows up at the font door. It is safety at its best, giving you additional safety measures for better peace of mind.

Through a comprehensive in home or away from home solution, the Control4 Intercom Anywhere unifies access control, video surveillance, security, and interactive communication. The Control4 Intercom Anywhere is more than just a smart doorbell, it’s a in home or away from the home peace of mind solution.

Control4 Intercom Anywhere


Like other video doorbells, the Control4 Intercom Anywhere allows you to see who is at the front door and receive or ignore visitors. But with Intercom Anywhere, the idea of smart is merged with the video doorbell experience to bring a smart doorbell that does so much more than show you who is at the front door.

Control4 has taken the video doorbell idea to a whole new level, giving you the ability to turn on lights, lock the door, and activate an alarm in the event a suspicious character shows up at your front door.

Even when you are away when your family members show up to take care of the animals, giving them quick access is easier than ever. For example, if a family member or or friend comes to your front gate, simply tap the “Family” button to open the gate, turn on the exterior and interior lights, and unlock the door.

Better yet, how about keeping your packages safe for the holidays. For example, a “Delivery” button can be set up to open your garage door, so FedEx, UPS, or Amazon can deliver your packages safely. When they leave, simply close your garage door. Now that’s peace of mind.

Through a comprehensive in home or away from home solution, the Control4 Intercom Anywhere unifies access control, video surveillance, security, and interactive communication.

Control4 Intercom Anywhere


Control4’s Intercom Anywhere is usable inside the house, turning touch screens into two-way communicators, letting you initiate video calls from anywhere. So, whether your babysitter is not picking up the phone, or you are trying to assemble the family for dinner, now it’s easier than ever to reach them.

For example, when you can’t get a hold of the babysitter simply use the touch screens in your house to broadcast a call to all the screens to let your babysitter know you are trying to get a hold of them.

Or, you can assemble the family for dinner by broadcasting a call to all the touchscreens around the house. Intercom Anywhere also goes beyond these front-door features, providing a connection for family members, both within the home and beyond. Simply enable the auto-answer function on the touchscreens to give your mobile device direct video access to your home for the ultimate peace of mind.

Two-Way Calling Intercom Anywhere


Whether you are in your home or away on vacation, you can even make calls to people both from inside the house to a mobile phone, and from a mobile phone to the touch screen. What’s great is that during the call, you can also turn on lights, unlock doors, open a gate, or a garage door, and either are or disarm an alarm. Control4’s Intercom Anywhere also allows the easy ways to program customized responses to various situations; so multiple automated tasks can be performed simultaneously.

Even make a group call from your touch screen, the call acts as a “broadcasted message.” All devices in the group automatically receive the message at the same time. So, when it is time for dinner, everyone is noticed at precisely the same time. With a group call, you can invite your whole family to come to dinner with just one tap in the intercom menu.

Here are a few common ways to use your intercom system:

• Answer the door with your smartphone or touch screen
• Make one-to-one calls (supported on all Intercom-enabled devices)
• Call a group of devices
• Monitor your child’s room
• Change intercom device settings
• Add, edit, or delete intercom groups

Making Calls Control4 Intercom Anywhere


With your Control4 intercom system, you can easily monitor another intercom device (such as a touch screen), so it is perfect as a baby monitor or for monitoring your kids while they play. One-way video and audio is sent from the monitored device to the device that started the call.

Parents can check in on their kids and use the video intercom to see what they up to. So, whether you are at home or away, with Intercom Anywhere you can monitor and communicate with any room of your home.

Control4 Intercom Anywhere

They took care to make everything easy to understand and operate. Customer service like this is rare and my favorite part is that they ALWAYS answer the phone!
Rachel F., Escondido
These guys are the best! True pro’s that work within your budget. It is great to see excellent customer service is alive and well!
Frank F., San Marcos

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