Episode Radiance: Outdoor Audio & Lighting System

Episode Radiance is the first all in one outdoor audio and landscape lighting system. Not only does it offer you a way to play your favorite music while you relax in your backyard. It also enables you to light up your favorite exterior and landscape features. Instead of deciding between music or lighting outside, why not choose both?

From path lights to poolside, this outdoor speaker system delivers landscape lighting fixtures that will rock your backyard. Here is all you need to know about the Episode Radiance outdoor audio and lighting system by Episode Speakers.

Episode Radiance: Outdoor Audio & Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Audio

Enhance any outdoor space with distributed speakers throughout the backyard to create even sound coverage with no hot spots. With this outdoor audio system, you are no longer limited to putting speakers around the perimeter of your yard. The Radiance speakers (and lights) radiate in a 360-degree pattern giving you more flexibility in placement.

This sleek all-in-one solution delivers sound quality you expect from Episode Speakers. Whether used as surface mount, satellite, or pendant speakers, these UV protected system is water resistant.

Episode Outdoor Speakers & Core Components

  • Bollard Speaker
  • Bollard Subwoofer
  • Outdoor Bollard Light
  • Audio & Lighting Processor

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting offers increased safety, security, and ambience to outdoor spaces. Radiance allows lighting modules to easily be added to speaker bollards, mounts, or pendants to create an all in one solution.

With adjustable options for uplight, downlight or both, you can create a lighting effect to highlight your best outdoor features. Highlight architecture or walkways with low voltage outdoor lighting that plays music.

Outdoor Sound System Design & Installation

Enjoy your favorite music near the pool, on the deck, patio, porch, or backyard with discreet, weatherproof speakers. Or, watch the game outside with a glare-resistant outdoor TV. Whether you’re having a pool installed or completing a full outdoor makeover, we’ll give you a custom outdoor entertainment system that fits your needs and budget. With years of experience, our team of outdoor sound system installation experts can help you design your outdoor oasis.

When you are ready to add an outdoor audio and landscape lighting system to your backyard and want the best solutions, products and installation services, call Shultz Audio Video. San Diego’s trusted source for outdoor audio installation and home automation integration. Ready to take your home entertainment to the next level? Let us show you how it all works with a complimentary outdoor audio demo. Contact us today at (760) 505-7461 or fill out the contact form below.





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