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How To Choose Outdoor Speakers

San Diego, are you looking for the best outdoor speakers but you’re just not sure which ones to choose? Whether you want to stream classical music on the patio or rock & roll by the pool, your listening experience can expand well beyond the walls of your home. Just think about it, your favorite tunes and a perfect sunset. Although there are a number of outdoor speakers available today, the best outdoor speakers won’t be the same for everyone. That’s because not everyone has the same outdoor living space. Because of this, you’ll need to understand the types of outdoor speakers available and the common use for them. From outdoor speakers mounted under the eaves to landscape speakers that blend with the environment, if you want the best outdoor speakers there are a few things you need to consider.

Space + Use

Start Here

Outdoor speakers come in a wide range of types and sizes. So, choosing the best outdoor speakers will depend mainly on the use you have in mind. For example, if you plan to work in the garden and want to have some background music, your speaker needs will differ drastically than someone who wants to entertain in a large outdoor area. For this reason, the first thing you’ll want to consider is how you will be using the space.

Understanding Your Outdoor Living Space

  • Think about where people will gather on the property
    • This step is crucial for determining optimal speaker placement as well as quantity needed (and of course wiring).
  • To figure this out, consider how much area needs to be covered (is it a small patio or deck, or do you have a large outdoor area with a pool and spa)?
  • Important to make note of: you’ll also want to consider how close your property is to your neighbors, is there any concern about volume projection?

Other Things To Consider

Do you have features like fountains, concrete pathways, trees, etc. that might be in the way of running speaker wire? Finally, you’ll want to consider whether you want your speakers in plain sight, or blended within the environment. Once you can answer these questions, it will be easier to narrow down your outdoor speaker choices.

Which Outdoor Speaker Type is Right for you?

Next Step

Your next decision should be the type of speaker you will use from the list below according to your outdoor space and aesthetics. Next, you need to determine the number of outdoor speakers you will need. One way to do this is by walking and measuring the perimeter of your outdoor living space. For homes under construction, you can achieve the same thing with a blue print (accurately scaled). The ultimate goal is, even coverage so you also want to be cognizant of the types of speakers you use. Since more outdoor speakers will help create more uniform even coverage, you should place them every 20 to 40 feet.

Types of Outdoor Speakers & Common Uses:

  • Surface Mount Speakers: most commonly seen mounted under the eaves, provides optimal audio quality for (the porch or patio).
  • Rock Speakers: rock speakers are designed to disappear in your landscape and can be used anywhere.
  • In-ceiling Speakers: this type architectural speaker is installed in a covered patio ceiling (and can also be used for surround sound when watching movies outdoors).
  • Landscape Speakers: landscape speakers are great for distributing sound and a great option for those who want to listen in an area that’s farther away from your house like the pool area.
  • Subwoofers (burial or surface): for uniform coverage and to reduce hot-spotting, we recommend using at least two subs.

The Best Outdoor Speaker Installation

Last Step

Outdoor entertainment shouldn’t be an afterthought. That’s why we set out to build and install the best outdoor entertainment systems around. That is also, why we use the best outdoor speakers and the only true outdoor TV SunBriteTVs. From start to finish, we build outdoor entertainment experiences tailored specifically to every outdoor space and each client’s unique needs.

Because outdoor spaces come in all shapes and sizes, we encompass a range of design and installation techniques that allow us to build any system imaginable. We know you have a lot on your plate, so let us make choosing the right outdoor speakers easy for you with a live outdoor audio demo! Call us today at (760) 505-7461 to book a demo or fill out the contact form below to get started!

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