Home Theater Gift Guide for the Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching and you know what that means, stores begin to fill with eager Christmas and holiday shoppers looking for the best deals on home theater products. For those who have not been able to keep up with the latest in home entertainment electronics, Shultz Audio Video has you covered with this Home Theater Gift Guide for the Holidays. Whether want to watch movies, or add the perfect background music to set the mood for your holiday parties, choosing the right home theater system and home theater installation contractor is important.

Everyone knows the holiday season is the perfect time to bond with family and friends. If you are looking to create that sort of togetherness you can only experience from the right type of home theater set up, choosing the right TV, speakers, receiver, and installation contractor will help you get there. So, if you are looking for something truly immersive this season, choose a gift you can all enjoy together like a home theater system installed by Shultz Audio Video.

Choosing the Right TV

Buying a TV can be somewhat overwhelming when you consider the shear amount of choices available today. And, adding to this confusion, they all offer something different depending on the make and model. With this in mind, we offer some insight on pixels, TV resolution, and  the best TVs.

Pixels Matter

What is resolution and how does this affect the picture quality of a flat screen TV? Resolution is the number of pixels in each dimension a flat screen TV can display natively. The higher the resolution is on your TV, the more details you will have in picture quality. High definition or HD and ultra high definition or SUHD, OLED AKA organic light-emitting diode, 4K, and Ultra 4K are terms used to describe TV resolution.

When considering a new flat screen TV purchase you must remember a few key factors:

  • 4K = more pixels, about 8 million more then HDTV.
  • Cheaper means less or no upscaling capabilities resulting in lower picture quality.
  • Refresh rate is still a factor!
    • The refresh rate is the number of frames per second the TV can display.
    • Refresh rate is expressed in Hertz (Hz).
  • Other factors:
    • Color Gamut.
    • Contrast Ratio; trust your own eyes do not just look at the numbers!
    • HDMI Connections: 4 HDMI ports should be standard on a good 4K TV.
      • Ask about HDCP compatibility.
    • Sound: Plan to add a soundbar for a true 4K experience. TV speakers today are just too small to get the job done!
    • Curved or not to be Curved… you have to be the one who selects this as it is a matter of choice.
    • OLED, 4K, Ultra HD 4K, which one will you choose?

OLED, 4K Ultra HD, & SUHD

Are you ready to take your HD video? Understand the current 4K technologies available today will help you make an informed decision about what is right for you.


Organic Light-Emitting Diode

  • Lightweight
  • Wider Viewing Angles
  • Improved Brightness
  • Super Thin Screen
  • Deep Blacks
  • Smooth Motion
  • Energy Use

4K Ultra HD

  • Ultra HD. UHD is a resolution of 3840 pixels × 2160 lines (8.3 megapixels, aspect ratio 16:9) and is one of the two resolutions of ultra high definition television targeted towards consumer television, the other being 8K UHD which is 7680 pixels × 4320 lines (33.2 megapixels).
  • Many Manufactures produce 4K TVs but there are distinct 4K technologies that include:
    • Quantum Dot 4K TV: quantum dots are tiny elemental particles that glow when subject to a source of light.
    • OLED 4K TV: or organic light emitting diode technology includes panels that are far lighter and thinner than traditional LCD (liquid crystal display) technology.
    • HDR: high dynamic range the idea behind HDR is that it can provide a higher level of contrast between light and dark images on the screen to create a much more realistic image.


  • (Super High Definition) A Samsung brand name for 4K TVs that have an extremely uniform backlight using quantum dot technology.
  • Nano Crystal Technology
  • Focuses on Quantum Dot Nano crystal layers versus OLED

Samsung SUHD

Samsung SUHD

Redefine your viewing experience with next-level 4K UHD picture quality. Discover brilliant details you never knew were there with the best Samsung TV ever. Introducing a new category of TVs, with 4K SUHD TVs, now you can experience stunning colors, deep contrast, incredible brightness, and 4K resolution that redefines your TV viewing experience.

Nano Crystal Color

Bring your entertainment to vivid life. Reveal a brighter, more true-to-life picture, and a wider range of colors made visible with breakthrough nano-crystal color technology. Experience the full vibrancy of your favorite media and entertainment with expanded brightness levels across the entire screen. Scenes come to spectacular life with LED illumination behind the brightest regions of the picture.

Curved with Auto Enhancer Depth & Motion Rate 240

Experience a greater sense of depth on a curved screen with optimized contrast across multiple zones of the picture. Enjoy our best moving picture resolution at Motion Rate 240 with exceptional refresh rate, processing speed, and backlight technology. Feel the drama of every entertainment experience with darker blacks and greater contrast, while bright areas remain bright.

Smart TV W/Octa-Core Processor & Smart Control

Enjoy your media and entertainment at lightning speed with our highest grade processing chip. Take ultimate control of your Smart TV – use the touchpad to navigate quickly, perform voice commands with the built in microphone, or use the remote like a mouse and simply point and click.

Sony XBR

Sony XBR

Experience 4K by Sony and there’s no looking back. Bring all your favorite TV entertainment to life with fine detail and exquisite color. Effortlessly explore apps, games and the fast-growing choice of broadcast and internet 4K content that’s coming your way. Take your viewing into an exciting new era. 4K images contain over 8 million individual pixels, that’s four times more detail than Full HD. Immerse yourself in 4K movies and dramas from a huge choice of 4K content today.

TRILUMINOS™ display powered by 4K Processor X1™ 

TRILUMINOS® selectively maps colors across the wide gamut available to the screen, rather than simply expanding the color range, subtle colors do not become oversaturated and unnatural. You’ll enjoy vivid, authentic images that evoke the emotion in every scene.

Slim design for easier wall mounting 

The slim line styling blends effortlessly into a living room, enabling easier mounting on a wall. Because the screen has minimal bezels, you can focus on your entertainment with near edge-to-edge pictures. It’s an ideal blend of form and function for an immersive entertainment experience.

Google Cast™: Plays nice with your other devices   

BRAVIA® is Google Cast™ ready so you can easily cast your favorite entertainment like YouTube™ from your personal device on to the stunning BRAVIA® screen. You can cast from Android™, iOS™, or your laptop.

Simply intuitive: the One-Flick Remote

Interacting with your TV has never been more intuitive. Flick comfortably through what’s on screen with the touchpad — you don’t even need to point the remote at the TV screen. Forget fiddly text input: all you need to do is talk to your One-Flick Remote. It works with NFC, so you can even share photos wirelessly from your smartphone on the TV screen — all at a single touch.

4K Processor X1™: one chip changes everything

Our powerful 4K Processor X1™ brings stunning picture quality to whatever you’re watching. Every source is intelligently analyzed and upscaled to its best 4K resolution, from TV broadcasts, Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, or even 4K Internet videos. Enjoy incredible 4K images with stunning clarity, lifelike colors, and sparkling contrast.

4K X-Reality™ PRO: enhance every picture up to 4K 

Discover a thrilling world of extraordinary clarity. Every single pixel is upscaled beautifully by our most powerful 4K picture processing technology ever. Individual parts of each scene are analyzed and matched with a special image database that independently addresses texture, contrast, color, and edges. The difference is clear with supremely lifelike detail, whatever you’re watching.

Motionflow™ XR keeps the action smooth  

Enjoy smooth and sharp details even in fast-moving sequences with Motionflow™ XR. This innovative technology creates and inserts extra frames between the original ones. It compares key visual factors on successive frames, then calculates the split second of missing action in the sequences. Modes also include black-frame insertion for a blur-free and truly cinematic look.



LG OLED uses revolutionary self-lighting pixels, individually controlled to achieve perfect black and infinite contrast. It has an expanded color palette virtually identical to today’s digital cinemas, enjoyable from a wide viewing angle. LG OLED 4K TVs also support standard HDR and Dolby Vision™*.

Perfect Black

The individually illuminating OLED pixels can brighten, dim, and power off fully to achieve perfect black. That means contrast, the ratio between the lightest and darkest areas of the screen, is truly infinite. Perfect black is essential to a more lifelike image as well as the great shadow detail you can only get with OLED.

Cinematic Color

LG OLED TVs display a color palette that virtually matches the vast range of hues seen in today’s high-end digital cinemas. With over a billion rich colors at its disposal, LG OLED TV delivers a theater-quality experience at home.


OLED HDR delivers a stunning high dynamic range picture, including support for Dolby Vision™* content. Enjoy brilliant brights and the deepest darks for infinite contrast, rich color, and an exceptional viewing experience, closer to what filmmakers intended. With their perfect black and cinematic color, LG OLED TVs have also earned prestigious Ultra HD Premium certification.

Wide Viewing Angle

LG OLED TV’s exceptional picture quality holds up even from wide viewing angles, so now everyone on the couch will have an ideal view of the action.


Slim, stylish LG OLED TVs are available with curved or flat screens in a range of sizes. Wall-mounted or on a tabletop, each complements the most elegant décor. Both the E6 and the flagship LG SIGNATURE OLED TV feature unique Picture-on-Glass technology. The LG SIGNATURE OLED TV further enhances the cinematic experience with an exclusive Harman Kardon™ sound bar stand.

4K Resolution

All 2016 LG OLED TV models offer 4K resolution. That’s 8.3M OLED pixels, each ready to deliver perfect black and cinematic color, for an amazingly clear and incomparably beautiful Ultra HD picture.


Home Theater Speakers

Episode® Signature Speakers 1300 Series

Expand your sound with home cinema speakers from Episode. Episode’s 1300 series speakers feature forward-set woofers to deliver a powerful punch to your bass, an adjustable silk dome tweeter which will allow you to direct sound where you want it, an elliptical tweeter to evenly spread your frequencies to wider range and a one-piece thin-bezel grille that keeps your speakers where they belong… out of sight. The premium speaker design in the Episode 1300 series line of speakers delivers clear natural acoustics and performance that will make watching movies and experience every time!

Episode® Triple 8” Powered Subwoofer

Consider for a moment what makes a premium sports car so special. Is it the engine, the transmission, the suspension, the chassis, you get the idea – the short answer is of course yes. Every component and system is precision engineered and tuned to deliver an incredible experience. So too with this Triple 8 subwoofer – the woofer system, passive radiators, amplifier, power supply and even the cabinet – all come together in concert for an amazing performance.


AV Receiver

Marantz, NR1504

Amplify your sound field with a Marantz NR1504 AV receiver. The Marantz NR1504 is a powerful 5-channel home theater receiver that uses an acoustic measurement and correction system plus high-def upscaling to deliver the highest quality sound 4K technology has to offer. The Marantz NR1504 features a slim-line body and networking capabilities that will allow you to enjoy free internet radio as well as all of your favorite streaming music channels like Pandora®, Spotify®, SiriusXM™ and more.

Give the Gift of the Home Theater Experience this Holiday Season…

This is a picture of a few SunBriteTV installations

Custom Wall Mounts by Shultz Audio Video

Wall mounted flat screen TVs can look stylish, save space and depending on where you need to mount your TV with the right mounting solution your new flat screen TV will have the most optimal viewing angle no matter where you are in the room. The truth is, your flat screen TV does not have to be an eye sore with today’s mounting solution options you can get creative with where and how you want to hang every new flat screen TV you purchased this holiday season. So, drop one down from your ceiling, hang it over your fireplace, or recessed in your wall, possibilities are endless with Shultz Audio Video’s wall mounting experience.

Need help hanging your TV over the Fireplace? Shultz Audio Video has the knowledge and expertise needed to hang a flat screen TV over the fireplace and can even hide every wire while also having the ability to mount your flat screen TV level with the wall. Call us today, we have wall-mounting solutions for any set up you can imagine!

Bring Life to your Home Entertainment TODAY!

Let Shultz Audio Video do a custom wall mount for you. Whether it is above the fireplace or level with the wall we have the right solutions for every room. Need help seamlessly blending your home audio and video. Shultz Audio Video, we build and install seamlessly blended Home Audio System systems using the highest quality products on the market today!

At Shultz Audio Video, we adapt our services to each client’s needs. If you need help with your home audio installation or outdoor audio installation or both you may want to consider calling Shultz Audio Video. They have the solutions you need to create the home entertainment system you always dreamed of, designed for the way YOU LIVE.

Let Shultz Audio Video Home Theater Installation Contractor

As a provider of whole house audio Services in San Diego, Shultz Audio Video brings high value to each of our clients enabling, them make their home control dreams come to life.

At Shultz Audio Video, our values drive who we are and what we do. We pride ourselves on building one-to-one relationships with each of our clients. We are passionate about providing the very best whole home audio, home theater, and smarthome solutions on the market. At Shultz Audio Video, we think that everyone should enjoy the latest in home media and entertainment technology.

Our promise to you, to provide you with solutions that fit your needs as well as you budget, deliver the solutions that bring your ideas to life, provide you a level of service that makes you feel important because the truth is… you are!

We welcome you to…

Discover, what it is like to have your home entertainment dreams come to life.

Our team of San Diego Audio Video, Whole House Audio, Home Automation, and Security Experts can help you bring your entertainment and home control dreams to life. Shultz Audio Video we offer total home solutions and home entertainment designed

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