Home Theater System

How to Get the Home Theater Experience in Your Living Room

A Home theater system can mean different things to different people. For some, it’s a dark secluded room with a movie theater screen, projector, and seating. For others, it is a casual entertainment area where the TV blends with the room. A place where the speakers are hidden, and the subwoofer is installed in the wall. Whatever your vision is, building the perfect home theater system is much more than buying the newest TV and adding a few speakers. That’s because the sound quality of a movie theater is hard to beat. Striking visuals, amazing sound, and an overwhelming sensory experience, is what makes the experience of watching a movie at the theater so special. And, a home theater system bridges the gap in quality. In fact, with a great home theater system, you can recreate the movie theater experience right in your living room.

Watching the latest blockbusters is perhaps one of the best ways to spend a weekend. After all, who doesn’t like to watch a full sized movie in a theater. But did you know, you can get that same experience with the right TV and surround sound? In fact, today the movie watching experience no longer requires a trip to the theater. That’s because with today’s technology, you can bring the theater right into your living room. In fact, with a high-quality audiovisual system you can enjoy all the perks of a movie theater minus the large crowds and the uncomfortable seats.

So, whether it’s the extra room down the hallway, the garage, or your living room, with the help of the right audiovisual equipment, any room can be turned into a home theater. With this in mind, we offer you a guide on home theater systems.

Home Theater System

Dolby Atmos

This means that the filmmaker can place individual sounds anywhere in your listening space and move them around in three dimensions.

Home Theater Setup, The Basics

Display screen, projector/TV, a surround sound system, and control are the four basics that you need to have in place when designing your home theater. Getting these four elements right is crucial for an immersing movie experience, regardless of the room you are transforming into a home theater. But, before we get to the good stuff there are a few more items you must familiarize yourself with.

  • Dolby Atmos: if you want great sound and pristine visual quality from your home theater, make sure you have Dolby Atmos enabled speakers
    • Dolby Atmos is the most important innovation in movie sound since the introduction of surround
  • Wiring for Surround Sound: retrofitting your home for a surround sound can be done, wires can be routed through your attic or walls, and when necessary wires and cables can be run along the exterior of a home (use a professional audio video company for this)

  • Receiver: you need a receiver with built-in decoding for Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, or both

With this in mind, we offer some insight on the best home theater system for your living room…

MASTER  Series

For an immersive, emotional visual experience…

The Screen


4K Ultra HD | High Dynamic Range (HDR) | Smart TV

Be in the moment with true-to-life pictures and acoustics to match. Beautifully detailed images combine Sony’s Sound-from-Picture Reality™ for a captivating audio-visual performance. With unmatched processing power, the Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate detects hundreds of different objects on-screen and intelligently enhances brightness, detail and color so everything you watch is clear, bright and incredibly realistic.

Powered by the Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate, this OLED TV pairs the deep black and natural color of OLED with Pixel Contrast Booster™ for enhanced color contrast in high luminance. Everything you watch comes to life with fine detail and vivid color. Just like in a concert hall, sound comes at you from different directions with Acoustic Surface Audio+™.

Use your BRAVIA® as a center speaker and hear dialogue, vocals and instruments with exceptional clarity. Simply connect your home theater system to unleash an immersive cinematic experience. And, enjoy studio quality with Netflix Calibrated Mode, this mode was specially developed to enjoy Netflix originals and reproduce the same picture quality on a TV as on a studio evaluation master. With Netflix Calibrated Mode, the creator’s vision and intent is faithfully preserved.

Embrace the thrills of the theater and see all your favorite movies in a completely new way with more drama and realism on a 4K Ultra HD TV that’s designed to deliver an authentic theater experience at home. This Sony 4K HDR TV is an IMAX Enhanced product, ready to meet high-quality color, contrast, clarity and sound.

Take comfort in knowing you’ll be enjoying a fully immersive at-home entertainment experience on this TV that takes full advantage of IMAX Enhanced content. Enjoy cinematic thrills at home. Dolby Vision™ brings scenes vividly to life for authentic viewing, while Dolby Atmos™ fills the room with immersive surround sound.


Sony MASTER Series

Reality Mastered
For the first time, creators can explore their imagination and see their vision reproduced in the home. 

Triad Home Theater Audio Solutions

Triad delivers an immersive entertainment experience and exceptional sound quality for any surround sound home theater or media room. As a Dolby loudspeaker development partner, Triad helped pioneer Dolby Atmos® for the home. In fact, Triad’s speakers are engineered sealed-box designs for precise sound reproduction and isolation, creating the audio experience movie studios intended. But, keep in mind, home theaters, particularly Atmos, are very technical. For this reason, quality and output levels as well as costs will vary. When installing home theater in-ceiling speakers, sometimes the perfect location is just not available. From ducting to pipes to light fixtures, there may be obstacles that prevent placing the speakers where they should be for the optimal listening experience. For this reason, working with a professional Home Theater Company like Shultz Audio Video is important.

Discover Dolby Atmos®

Dolby Atmos® delivers breathtaking realism with 360° surround sound, accurately positioning sound within your environment so that the 7.1.2 speaker channels (including Phantom Surround Back) completely envelop you in sound—even from above. 

7.2ch AV Receiver

For The Best Home Theater Systems

Lose yourself in every soundtrack thanks to 7.2 channels of room-filling surround sound, with 110 W of power per channel. You can connect up to two active subwoofers for even bass distribution around the room.

So whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or listening to your favorite songs, you’ll enjoy a next-level entertainment experience.

Defy space restrictions and experience full 7-channel surround sound, including 4 overhead speakers, with the Phantom Surround Back speaker setting. It simulates the audio experience of physical surround back speakers.

Atmos treats sounds as separate objects, releasing them from typical channels to move freely around and even above you, for deeply immersive surround sound.

7.2 Channel Home Theater AV Receiver



Designing televisions that faithfully convey the creator’s intent is Sony’s passion. MASTER Series TVs meet the strict criteria of their top engineers and makes beautiful images a reality. For the first time, creators can explore their imagination and see their vision reproduced in the home.

Triad Speakers

Triad Speakers

Home Theater

Triad delivers an immersive entertainment experience with exceptional sound quality for any home theater or media room. In fact, Triad is a pioneer in surround sound innovation with superior solutions for Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro 3D.

Control4 One-Room Entertainment Experience


One Room Entertainment Experience

Whether it’s to watch a movie, listen to music, or have friends over for the big game. The environment where you consume your entertainment should be relaxing, inviting, and free of technology chaos.

San Diego Home Theater Company

As a custom audio/video installer, Shultz Audio Video can design and build a home theater tailored to your unique needs and budget. Whether you want a dedicated theater filled with the latest technologies such as 4k and 8k, Dolby Atmos enabled surround sound with chest-rattling bass or just a nice flat screen TV mounted in your living room, home automation elevates your movie viewing experience to an entirely different level. Call us today to book your complimentary in-home consultation (760) 505-7461.