Home Wiring Basics

The Importance of Proper Wiring

Understanding home wiring basics and the impact of proper wiring can help a homeowner or builder save time, money, and frustration. From new homes to existing ones, proper wiring of a home can mean the difference of having systems and devices communicate with each other seamlessly or not. While every project is unique, the details of design and function of a home cannot be overlooked. Proper home wiring enhances one’s lifestyle making a home more efficient and more secure while providing an experience personal to the homeowner.

For those planning a new home, remodel, or retrofit, proper wiring is an essential first phase to installing systems and configuring devices so they can all communicate with each other seamlessly now and in the future. Home technology ranging from security, safety, comfort, lighting, and environment systems, to appliances, and entertainment, the best way to keep a home’s systems and devices connected now and in the future, is through proper wiring.

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The Importance of Proper Wiring

The importance of proper home wiring cannot be overstated. Proper wiring of a home new or existing can save time, money, and frustration. With this in mind, understanding the type of wiring for new construction versus retrofit is important. The type of wiring required for a home automation system is called structured wiring. Structured wiring is a general term that refers to a whole-house network of audio, video, data, telephone, home automation components, or security signals. Advantages of structured wiring include network speed, configurability, ability to troubleshoot, and consistent signal quality.

To fully understand how wiring for a new home differs from that of a home being remodeled consider the following. Homes that are being built require a different type of structured wiring than homes that have already been built. In new construction, plans can be made in advance so that wiring takes place before the wallboard is installed. In existing homes, the installer doesn’t want to cut any more holes in the walls than are necessary. Planning to wire an existing home is just as important as planning to wire a new home. The following home wiring tips and ­considerations apply to either a new home or an existing home.

Home Wiring Tips & Considerations

  • Consider a 10-Year Plan:
    • Will the wiring that you install now still work for you in 10 years?
    • Try to think about the devices that you may want to add to your house through the years.
  • Start with a Floor Plan:
    • From the floor plan, figure out and pencil in where your devices will be installed and what devices you want in each room
      • For example, you may want to install more devices and have more power in the family room and the master bedroom so you can play music and watch videos
      • You may want more functionality in the kitchen also, so you can control all devices from a central location
    • Mark your Wiring & Outlets:
      • On the floor plan, mark where the wires will run and where the wall outlets are in the rooms you will be automating
      • Which devices will require an Ethernet cable, and which will require a coaxial cable?
      • Which devices will be wireless?
      • Where will those devices reside?
    • Run Speaker Wires to each Room that will Receive Music:
      • Speaker wires should be a minimum of 16-guage wire and no more than 300 feet in length
      • Be careful not to run the wires too close to power wires to avoid electrical noise coupling (interference)
    • Run all Wires Consistently to Each Room in the Home:
      • At a minimum, the “structured” wiring consists of two pairs of unshielded twisted pair CAT5 or CAT6 cables for Ethernet connections, and two coax cables
      • The coax cables provide downstream and upstream signals for cable and satellite channels.
      • The Ethernet cables support up to 100 Mbps for your networking devices. As you work with the cables, be careful not to twist, dent or change the shape of the cable

Why Future Proofing a Home is Important

Technology is changing every aspect of our lives and as technology continues to grow and evolve, our homes run the risk of becoming obsolete. Unable to accommodate the latest products and solutions designed to make a home more affordable, eco-friendly, and enjoyable to live in, homes that cannot stand the technological test of time are destined to lose value and appeal. While a renovation may bring a home ­­up-to-date for a few years, the real value lies in future proofing and the only way to do that is through proper wiring.

Make wiring changes for the future. No matter how new or old a home is the important thing to consider is building a platform for ever-changing technologies. Building a new home, remodeling an existing one, or retrofitting a home for sound, are all opportunities to make home wiring changes for the future one should consider. From streaming high-resolution music to every room, to having peace of mind while home or away, with the proper wiring design and installation, arming or disarming a security system, or turning the lights off while driving away becomes effortless.

Need Help Future Proofing your Home?

Shultz Audio Video provides structured wiring, low voltage wiring, cabling systems, and smart wiring for new homes and existing ones. The prewire stage of our work provides the backbone of the wiring for a home. With the installation of high-quality wiring and parts coupled with design, any home new or existing will be ready for today and tomorrow’s technology.

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Audio video systems, computer networks, security systems, surveillance cameras, and smart home control will only work best if a home has the proper wiring and cabling throughout. Technology can make life simple; with the proper wiring, any home can be ready for tomorrow’s technology today. Wondering what wires go where? Do not worry, Shultz Audio Video thoroughly documents every project with wire maps and photos so every project runs smoothly.

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