Key Digital Video Wall

Key Digital Video Wall

Have you ever wanted to watch more than one sports game at once? We’re not talking about hanging a random assortment of flat screen TVs in your living room just so you could hunt through a pile of remotes controls to make it work. The video wall solutions Shultz Audio Video provides, are not only stunning, they are simple to operate. With the right video wall set up, your new multiscreen experience will allow you to watch all the sports you love so you never miss a play. Imagine watching four games playing on your 75 inch OLED, with your friends over to enjoy the fun. It’s a sports-fan’s dream! And, as fun as this sounds, that is not the only reason for setting up a multiscreen system. In fact, there are practical applications such as having your display connected to your home security system.

A home security system with surveillance cameras allows you to watch Monday night football, and monitor your home and property from the convenience of the living room at the same time. Security cameras at the front door can alert you to a visitor right on your display, without interrupting whatever you are watching. A Key Digital video wall will help create powerful viewing experiences. Key Digital integrates any and all of your desired sources: computers, gaming systems, cable or satellite boxes, Blu-Ray players, and more can be viewed in pristine high definition. Transform your home entertainment from ordinary to extraordinary, with a Key Digital video wall.

Affordable Video Wall Solutions

Key Digital MultiView Matrix Switcher

Key Digital’s UHD/4K MultiView Seamless Matrix Switcher, KD-MLV4x2, is a seamless matrix switcher with UHD/4K resolution up-scaling, multi-view window processing, analog to digital conversion of incoming VGA or YPbPr with analog audio signals, audio de-embedding, and independent audio from video matrix selection. The UHD/4K MultiView Seamless Matrix Switcher


  • Multi-view Window Processing: Create & store custom multi-view layouts, recall custom presets in 1080p (2K) Multi-view mode
    • Quadrant Mode (4K or 2K): Independent outputs in four equally-sized windows
    • Multi-view Mode (2K): Linked/mirrored outputs in customized screen layout
  • Seamless Switching: Un-interrupted screen transitions during source selections
  • Independent matrix switching: In full-screen and quadrant modes, linked/mirrored in multi-view mode
  • Image Layering: Stack images with customizable priority settings
  • Window Transparency and Border: View content through each other and choose window bezel width and coloring
  • Multi-format Switch:
    • Input: 2 HDMI, 2 HDMI or Analog video, all with external audio Output: 1 HDMI and 1 HDBaseT output. Rx unit included
  • HDBaseT Built-In: Included KD-X222PORx unit is powered by at KD- MLV4x2Pro
  • Signal Extension:
    • Up to 200 feet @ 1080p/60, 1080p/24, 1080i, 720p with third-party CAT5e/6
    • Up to 125 feet @ 4096×2160 30Hz [4:4:4] 8bit with third-party CAT5e/6
  • Ultra HD/4K Up-scaling: Outputs independently upscale to 4096×2160 30Hz [4:4:4] 8bit in 4K Quadrant mode
  • HDCP 2.2 Licensing: Fully licensed and compatible with HDCP 2.2
  • Resolution Support: Supports SD, HD, and VESA input resolutions up to 1080p / 1920×1200 on HDMI and analog video Inputs. Outputs fixed to 1080p or 4K
  • Web Control Interface: Reduces installation time and provides basic and advanced video and audio setup
  • Audio De-Embed: Audio from the selected input is be de- embedded through the Coax digital (PCM) output in addition to the HDMI output
  • Dolby Digital & DTS Audio: Supports 2-channel and multi-channel audio formats up to 5.1 Dolby® / DTS™ lossless compressed digital surround sound
  • Independent Video & Audio: Listen to any audio source while in quadrant or multi-view modes
  • Analog to Digital Video Conversion: Analog video input ports support VGA / DB15 or Component / YPbPr signal types
  • Full Buffer System™: Manages TMDS re-clocking / signal re-generation, HDCP authentication to source & display, and EDID Control handshake
  • EDID: Internal library with 5 default EDID con?gurations for input, in addition to native EDID data for any Output / Display
  • TMDS Re-clocking: Support for long HDMI connectivity using Key Digital® HDMI cables
  • Deep Color Support: Up to 12 bits/color
  • Control: Front panel buttons, IR, RS-232, TCP-IP and Web Control
  • Control System Support: Compatible with Compass Control®, AMX®, Control4®, Crestron®, KNX®, RTI®, Savant, URC®, Honeywell®, HAI®, Leviton®, etc.
  • Key Digital® App Ready: Can be controlled over TCP/IP via Key Digital® App
Video Wall System Design Example

Key Digital

Key Digital will transform your home theater from ordinary to extraordinary, providing you with a memorable experience. With a simple touch of a button, your family can easily adjust the lights, shades, control the heating and air conditioner, and turn on the TV making them feel like they are right at the movies. Key Digital integrates any and all of your desired sources: computers, gaming systems, cable or satellite boxes, and Blu-Ray players. Distribute brilliant, uncompressed Home Theater experience throughout the house, all from one central location, on one unified interface. At Key Digital, they recognize the importance of security and offer you peace of mind through seamless integration with your video surveillance and security systems all available at a touch of a finger.

Ultra HD Video Wall

Professional Home Theater Installation & Consultation

As a custom audio/video installer, Shultz Audio Video can design and build a home theater tailored to your unique needs and budget. Whether you want a dedicated theater filled with the latest technologies such as 4k and 3D projection, 7.2-channel surround sound with chest-rattling bass or just a nice flat screen TV mounted in your living room, home automation elevates your movie viewing experience to an entirely different level. Whichever set up you choose, you will be amazed by how much more exciting movies and television shows become in a larger format.

Let’s build your hybrid space together. To help, we will come to you with a Free In-Home Consultation. We will walk through your home to help you determine the setup that is best for you, discuss potential problems, and guide you in how to proceed. Once we have designed a family room home theater  or media room that is right for you, our team of AV professionals will install your new system to get you up and running quick and easy.

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