Control4 Home Automation

Control4 Home Automation

Control4 home automation enables everything in your home to work together in perfect harmony. A Control4 automation system is custom built to fit around your lifestyle and needs. From homes small to large, new, or old, if you are looking for a home automation solution that will coordinate all the technology in your home, Control4 can do that. So, whether you want to start the day with your favorite playlist or news station, with Control4 you can do that and more. Just imagine, it’s the end of day and you’re ready to go to bed. Instead of running around your home, you hit a button and your smart locks (lock), the pathway lighting illuminates and your thermostat adjusts to a desirable level. These are only a few of the experiences you can create, each day

The Art Of Smart…

Control4 Home Automation

Why Control4?

Today there are many home automation systems to choose from. But none that compare to the smart a Control4 system can add. With Control4 you can easily connect to the things you love the most. Gone are the days or worrying if your doors are locked. Instead, simply push a button or say a voice command, and just like that, your home is secure. So, why you should consider Control4 as your home automation solution? Today, most homeowners require a space with automated features such as lighting control, motorized shades, smart security, and control of home entertainment systems. And, Control4 seamlessly does all that and more.

Ready To Add Smart To Your Home?

First, consider your goals. What do you want to control? Whether it’s lighting, entertainment, security, it all begins with planning. With this in mind, we offer you a planning guide:

What do you want to achieve?

  • Improve the function of your home
  • Incorporate energy efficiency
  • Provide added security
  • Have access and control from anywhere

Where do you want to add control?

Planning Your Smart Home

Whether you are building a new home or automating your current one, finding the right home automation integrator is an essential first phase. By working with the right home automation company you save money, time, and frustration.

Working With A Home Automation Integrator

Just as a REALTOR would not dream of selling your home without understanding your needs and wants, the same goes for a home automation integrator. The only way to provide someone with technology that will truly enhance the convenience, comfort, and entertainment value of a home, is to understand how they live. Understanding how you live in your house today, knowing what you would like to improve, and how you envision life in an automated residence, is all information that helps an integrator build a system that is right for you. A candid discussion of your way of life will likely reveal the most important pieces of information an integrator needs to design and implement a system that is so in sync with you and your family, that you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

From Simple Voice Commands, To Vacation Mode, Smart Home Technology Can Improve Your Life…

Why Use Shultz Audio Video

Home automation systems shouldn’t be an afterthought. That’s why we set out to design, build, and install the best smart home solutions around. From start to finish, we build the most enhanced home automation systems tailored specifically to your unique needs. This helps us create a personalized experience with solutions that maximize your comfort, convenience, entertainment, and peace of mind.

The reality is, homes come in all shapes and sizes, and needs change overtime, so we encompass a range of design and installation techniques that allow us to build any smart home system imaginable. What sets us apart from the competition is our ability to provide home automation systems that are easy to maintain, and update as your needs change. Contact us  today at (760) 505-7461!

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