Lighting and Shade Control

Lighting and Shade Control

With lighting and shade control you have the ability to transform any room into a place meant for relaxing or to set a particular scene… Want to watch a movie? The movie scene is a simple one-touch command programmed to dim your lights, lower your shades and start your media system… and just like that, your room is ready!

Having an anniversary, then it is time to make your wife feel special! Think about the convenience of controlling your environment before you even get home… pick up your smartphone and choose one of your scenes and before you get home the mood is set. Lights are dimmed, your favorite song playing softly in the background and your shades have been lowered all throughout your home and the only thing you have to do is pick up the wine… Now that’s something she will never forget!

Not only can lighting and shade control set the moods for some of your most intimate moments… it can also improve security while you are away. Going on a vacation? By setting an away scene lights will turn on and off in different areas throughout at different times of the day making it appear to be occupied… these are just a few of the endless possibilities that lighting and shade control deliver.

Lighting Scene Design Plan

What is Lighting Control?

Lighting control allows you to control each and every detail of your environment. Lighting control allows you to create scenes used to bring out every little detail of your home or to set the perfect lighting level for any activity. Imagine coming home and with the touch of a button your environment is instantly transformed personally designed for the way you live… dim the lights as you leave or set the brightness levels as you return home with a one-touch command. These are just a few of the features lighting control can deliver.

What is Shade Control?

Motorized shades add both style and convenience… Shade control helps you manage the sun’s heat, whether you need to deflect it or harness it shade control systems help you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Shade control helps automate daily routine and control the indoor environment. Ever had a favorite couch that was damaged by the sun? Or maybe there is a spot in your home where the sun’s glare is harsh you can’t hang that new piece of art. With shade control light is diffused preventing glare on computer screens or your flat screen TV and adds the protection you need from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Lighting Control

What are the Benefits of Lighting and Shade Control?

There are many benefits that lighting and shade control can deliver.

Lighting Control:

  • Save Energy: turn lights off automatically in unoccupied rooms or dim lights… by controlling your homes lighting you can set daytime or nighttime scenes helping you to conserve energy and save on monthly expenses. Lighting control helps you reduce energy consumption and extend lamp life.
  • Set the Mood: program complex lighting scenes or create simple activities with lighting control you set the mood for any room the way you like.
  • Convenience: the goodnight scene is designed for the convenience of allowing you to touch just one button from the comfort of your bedroom. Lights turn on or off depending on your lifestyle… you will never have to worry about walking to each room to ensure all the lights are off again. The one-touch command will do that for you!
  • Safety and Security:

Shade Control:

  • Save Energy: winter or summer shades help keep the warmth in or keep the warmth out reducing the need to run your air or heat.
  • Set the Mood: whether you are setting the stage for a romantic evening or simply want to kick back and watch a movie, shade control allows you the convenience of a simple one-touch command.
  • Convenience: the convenience of a simple one-touch command gives you total control of your homes environment. You will never have to worry about running around your house to lower the shades again… the system does that for you depending on the time of day.
  • Safety and Security: hit your away button and just like that the shades are closed preventing others from seeing inside your home.
  • Protect Valuables: shade control diffuses light preventing glare on computer screens or your flat screen TVs and adds the protection you need from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Home Theater San Diego

The Showtime Scene

There is no better place to enjoy the experience a movie has to offer then in a theater. Home theater possibilities are made endless with today’s available technology. Today’s technology allows you to generate the same big, booming audio experience a dedicated home theater has to offer in any room. With the right set up your room can be transformed into a movie going experience with a simple one-touch command. The ShowTime scene automates your movie going experience, dim your lights, lower your shades and start your media system… it’s time to sit back and enjoy!

Lighting and Shade Control Installation Contractor

Whether you’re building a home or enhancing an existing residence, a lighting and shade control system offers you the convenience of either wired or wireless one-touch control system. If your goal is to conserve energy, set moods, guarantee the function of a space, or implement a total home control system, enlisting the services of a company who understands lighting, shade and whole home automation is a wise and important investment.

Contact us today. We have lighting and shade control solutions to fit your lifestyle and your budget. Start living your dream today!

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Technology can make life simple… with home automation you control how your devices respond, when they should respond and why. Shultz Audio Video delivers solutions for a smarthome including entertainment, lighting and security. We add comfort and convenience to your lifestyle and enhance your home with technology aimed at making your life simple.

Let Shultz Audio Video be your Lighting and Shade Control Contractor

As a provider of AV and Home Automation Services in San Diego, Shultz Audio Video brings high value to each of our clients enabling them make their dreams come to life. By leveraging the AV, Automation, and Security Solutions our company offers your technology will help simplify your life… not complicate it!

At Shultz Audio Video, our values drive who we are and what we do. We pride ourselves on building one-to-one relationships with each of our clients. We are passionate about providing the very best service, home technology and control solutions on the market. At Shultz Audio Video we think that technology should make life simple.

Our promise to you, to provide you with solutions that fit your needs as well as you budget, deliver the solutions that bring your ideas to life, provide you a level of service that makes you feel important because the truth is… you are!

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Project Spotlight: Updated

Shultz Audio Video is proud to announce two new 7 million dollar projects brought to you by Pacific Enterprise showcasing future proofed homes that include whole house audio, climate control with an iPad using RTi’s application, securitysurveillance and prepped for future lighting and shade control.

Watch as we transform these two homes into the ultimate tech-ready homes. Each week we will update you on our projects in our weekly articles. Stay tuned for the best in what Shultz Audio Video has to offer and watch as we transform these two homes into tech-ready masterpieces! Each week we will add new pictures to the graphic above so you can watch these homes transform into tech-ready homes…