Pixels Matter, 4K TV will transform each and every aspect of your viewing experience… the force behind 4K technologies is transforming the TV market. Over the last several years the buzz about 4K TVs has continued to grow. Many people want a 4K TV but do not know why or even how to decipher between the good ones and the not so good ones.

Buying a 4K TV can be somewhat overwhelming when you consider the choices available today. What is more, is the amount of 4K TV manufactures that have entered the market each offering something different… only adding to confusion. In your pursuit to find the unique qualities about what a 4K TV can offer you, we offer some insight into the world of 4K technology and TV resolution.

TV Resolution 101:Pixels Matter

What is resolution and how does this affect the picture quality of a TV? Resolution is the number of pixels in each dimension a TV can display natively. The higher the resolution is on your TV, the more details you will have in picture quality.

High definition or HD and ultra high definition or UHD, OLED AKA organic light-emitting diode, 4K, and Ultra 4K are terms used to describe TV resolution. The visual resolution between what a 4K TV has to offer versus an HDTV is so significant you have to see a 4K TV for yourself to truly understand the impact 4K technology has made on picture quality.

To demonstrate the difference in the resolution of a 4K TV versus an HDTV we will explain the difference in pixelsHD: 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high versus 4K 3840 wide by 2160 high… The difference is not a small one!

When considering a new TV purchase you must remember a few key factors:

  • 4K = more pixels, about 8 million more than HDTV.
  • Cheaper means less or no upscaling capabilities resulting in lower picture quality.
  • Refresh rate is still a factor!
    • The refresh rate is the number of frames per second the TV can display.
    • Refresh rate is expressed in Hertz (Hz).
  • Other factors:
    • Color Gamut.
    • Contrast Ratio; trust your own eyes do not just look at the numbers!
    • HDMI Connections: 4 HDMI ports should be standard on a good 4K TV.
      • Ask about HDCP compatibility.
    • Sound: Plan to add a sound bar for a true 4K TV speakers today are just too small to get the job done!
    • Curved or not to be Curved… you have to be the one who selects this as it is a matter of choice.
    • OLED, 4K, Ultra HD 4K… which one will you choose?

OLED, 4K Ultra HD and SUHD

Are you ready to take your HD video? Understand the current 4K technologies available today will help you make an informed decision about what is right for you.

OLED 4KOrganic Light-Emitting Diode
  • Lightweight
  • Wider Viewing Angles
  • Improved Brightness
  • Super Thin Screen
  • Deep Blacks
  • Smooth Motion
  • Energy Use
4K Ultra HD4K Also Known as UHD or Ultra HD
  • Many Manufactures produce 4K TVs but there are distinct 4K technologies that include:
    • Quantum Dot 4K TV: quantum dots are tiny elemental particles that glow when subject to a source of light.
    • OLED 4K TV: or organic light emitting diode technology includes panels that are far lighter and thinner than traditional LCD (liquid crystal display) technology.
    • HDR: high dynamic range the idea behind HDR is that it can provide a higher level of contrast between light and dark images on the screen to create a much more realistic image.

SUHD: Samsung

  • Nano Crystal Technology
  • Focuses on Quantum Dot Nano crystal layers versus OLED.

Designing the Ultimate 4K TV Experience

Designing the ultimate 4K TV experience to enhance your home entertainment system begins with selecting the right products. Make sure you select sound bar that engineered for exceptional high-resolution sound and a 4K TV that will deliver you an out of this world viewing experience… don’t forget to include the right wall mount such as a low profile wall mount.


4K TV: Samsung SUHD

The 4K resolution delivered by a Samsung SUHD 4K TVs is unreal. Samsung’s 4K TVs redefines the experience of watching TV! Samsung’s 4K technology introduces a new category of 4K TVs. The SUHD delivers dramatic colors, deep contrasts, extraordinary brightness, and visual resolution that far out weighs most.

Samsung’s 4K technology reveals a more true-to-life picture using a wider range of colors coupled with improved contrast they call it… Nano Crystal Technology. Samsung’s 4K SUHD TVs feature upscaling, which means that your lower resolution media will be transformed into unbelievable near ultra high-definition experiences. With the Samsung 4K SUHD TV, you will experience a greater sense of depth with their optimized 4K technology!

Sony XBR 4K TV

4K TV: Sony XBR, 4K Ultra HD

Sony has produced the thinnest 4K TV ever! With a 4.9mm thinness and sheer functional beauty, Sony’s edge-coating technology allows your display to disappear by appearing flushed with the surface. Sony’s 4K TV includes a chip that changes everything.

With Sony’s powerful 4K processor (X1) your picture quality will be stunning no matter what you are watching. Every source is analyzed and then upscaled to the very best 4K resolution possible… so whether you are watching broadcast TV, Blu-ray DVD, 4K Internet Videos or Netflix you can be assured your images will have stunning clarity, lifelike color and true to life sparkling contrasts.


Sound: Episode® 500 Series Soundbar

Expand your sound and home cinema experience with a soundbar from Episode. Episode 500 Series 3-Channel Passive Soundbar for TV’s from 46 to 52 in… When performance is a priority, this soundbar has you covered. Its slim design pairs perfectly with 46-in. to 52-in flat panel TVs, offering exceptional sound that does not clutter the wall with a bunch of speakers. Featuring a thin aluminum cabinet with 4-in. drivers and 1-in. titanium tweeters, it delivers a robust, high-quality sound customers are sure to love. We even included a low-profile mounting bracket and kickstand for easy installs on a wall or cabinet.

Transform your home cinema experience into an ultra high resolution 4K experience today!

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